The difference a decade makes

Today marks 10 years since I started this online collection of ramblings.  I had no idea then that I’d still be at it a decade later.  Nor did I have any idea what that decade would hold, or the anger, sadness and frustration I would feel at chronicling trends that have hit bottom and continued to dig.

When I started this blog:

– We were in the midst of the “surge” in Iraq.  For a time there was some hope that by doubling down, we might achieve something there.  Now ISIS runs about a third of the place.

– The national debt stood at just over $8.2 trillion.  Today it is over $19 trillion — a figure few people can wrap their minds around.  At not-insignificant part of that rapid increase is more than a decade of war, for which we have little to show other than shattered lives and wealthier defense contractors.

– The Obama administration was still a couple years in the future.  Far from finally putting racial animosity to bed by electing the first non-white President, America seems to have taken several great strides backwards.  After two terms of incessant race-baiting by the administration (aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream media) and a willingness to use his “pen and phone” to do whatever he pleases, public opinion be damned, I have to agree with this sarcastic assessment:


– Far from reducing the spread of radical Islam, the West has been importing greater numbers of Muslims than ever in history, undoubtedly including a great many people who intend to do us harm.  After a decade, I’m still trying to understand why Americans can’t figure out that not a penny of the ‘defense budget’ — nor any of our foreign policy — seems to produce any actual security at home.  Instead, we get the “extra added” benefits of the TSA and throwing tax money at organizations who promise to try to deradicalize the alienated youth we’re importing.  Yeah, it sounds crazy because it is.

In many ways, it feels like this blog has been chronicling the last days of a once-great nation.  When three of the four main contenders for the presidency are a blowhard businessman and opportunist, an avowed Trotskyite and a woman who should be behind bars for her criminal negligence with national security information, well, it’s easy to tell what time it is. (As for the fourth contender, I don’t expect nearly as much as some of his avid supporters do.)

Rather than compile another list of links over the years, readers who want to stroll down memory lane can click here and here.  Regardless how much longer I continue to write here, I wish all the best to any of you reading.  May God bless you in the midst of the storm.


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