Our two-tiered legal system

In his USA Today column, noted law professor and blogger Glenn Reynolds points out how some in the mainstream press seem to support different legal standards when it comes to favored insiders.  I’ve written before about how the rule of law is all but dead in this nation (does anyone really believe we’re all ‘equal under the law’ at present?).  This is not an idle observation, as Reynolds points out the dangerous trajectory:

“…what will the ruling class do if those lesser Americans adopt the casual and self-entitled approach toward the law that their “betters” have been displaying?”

When people stop believing justice is obtainable through ‘the system,’ they can become rather creative in finding other ways to achieve it.  And that’s not a road we should want to travel, though I suspect we are farther along it than any would like to admit.

As Reynolds would say on his own blog, ‘read the whole thing.’


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