No, Jesus was not a socialist

One of the cultural successes of the Left has been to recast Christ as sort of the Original Hippie – concerned mostly with “peace, love and happiness” and the creation of a utopian society.  This has always missed the points that:

a) He came to die in order to offer forgiveness from sin (not a popular topic on the Left)

b) He repeatedly pointed out that His kingdom was not of this world — a world filled with people scripture clearly shows as fallen and broken (and thus, incapable of utopia in any form, no matter how much we try to “Imagine“).

As more and more young Americans seem to embrace the siren call of socialism (oh, how short our civilizational memories are!), “1960s Jesus” is occasionally trotted out in an attempt to bludgeon the church into going along.  The current election cycle is no exception.

These are good resources to restore balance and perspective.  Don’t hesitate to read and use them.  And remember, not only was Jesus not a socialist.  He also was not a Republican, Democrat, or any other partisan participant.  To the extent He could be said to have a governing philosophy, it would be Divine Monarchist.


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