Stay on Target…

You won’t see this on any mainstream news, but Target has lost 19% of its stock value in the 30 days since announcing its “choose your own bathroom” policy.  I’m sure any inadvertent official notice of this development will attempt to explain this away as a function of a weak economy.  That’s hard to do, though, when the official position is that the economy is doing just fine.

TGT quote - 18 May 2016 copy

Keep up the pressure!  “Stay on target” by staying out of Target!  Over a million people have committed to ensuring our self-appointed Federal and corporate social engineers hear that we’re fed up with their anti-scientific gender denial and efforts to force the rest of us to live in their fantasy world.  Have you?

Speak out while you can, or you may find your options increasingly limited.  These groups are playing for keeps.  So must we.


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