Demonstrating all that’s wrong

…with America today, college students at Oberlin (annual tuition: $49,928) are demanding the school support their careers in activism by abolishing midterms and giving no grade less than a “C.”  Seriously.  (Be sure to read this story in the New Yorker as well, to get a sense of what “higher education” consists of these days.)

Makes me wonder how many of the violent demonstrators in Albuquerque yesterday were college students who have no business going to college at all.  There seems to be a lot of those these days: self-absorbed, petty little brownshirts and mentally maladjusted misfits who spend more time trying to shut out and shout down any idea they don’t like than they do studying and learning concepts that might make them more successful in the world they find so all-oppressing.

The Left likes to accuse traditionalists and conservatives of being violent, but it’s increasingly clear that’s just psychological projection.  They have gotten away with it for a long time, because by nature traditionalists and conservatives are loathe to go that route unless absolutely necessary.

What these radicals fail to realize is that their deranged and increasingly violent action is causing more and more of their foes to conclude it may just come to that.  And woe unto them if it does.  They will quickly find out that facing midterms in college was a privilege, after all.

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