What was I thinking?

((What I’ve composed below is written on behalf of the more than 1 million Americans whose lives were cut short on behalf of a nation that has forgotten what was worth fighting for in the first place.  It’s not enough to mouth the cliché that we owe them a debt we can never repay.  On Memorial Day we should be asking what we are doing as a nation to at least try to be worthy of the price they paid.  Click the image below to enlarge.))


Holding up“As I look down upon the land I loved, I wonder why I allowed my time in it to be cut short, serving her in faraway places.

I fought against those who would gladly destroy my home, only to see my countrymen now refuse to secure our own borders.

I defended a nation, only to see “nationalism” become a dirty word, scorned by those who enjoy America’s opportunities while insisting there is nothing special about her.

I gave my blood to protect the Constitution, only to see my people become ignorant of it, and our leaders in open contempt of it.

I tried to live a life of honor and courage, only to see such virtues mocked by those I gave my life to defend.

I lost my life while a part of something greater than myself, only to find Americans are now all about self.

I offered the chance for freedom to others, only to see my countrymen reject it at home, preferring instead the bondage of government provision and direction.

I died so that America might steer a higher course than most of this screwed up world, only to find it’s now determined to be fully absorbed into it.

What was I thinking?”



One thought on “What was I thinking?

  1. Reblogged this on genesismomblog and commented:
    As you relax this weekend, please reflect on what Memorial day is all about. Think about and pray for those families that will never celebrate again together here on earth since their loved ones died for you and this country. Think about it as you prepare to vote this fall, too.

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