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I’m not a fan of turning the ‘court of public opinion’ into a literal court.  It’s worth noting, however, that the first poll to address the issue shows a majority of Americans are shaking their heads about Tuesday’s FBI announcement and saying “whaaaa…..?”

The White House petition system generates an official response when any petition reaches 100,000 signatures.  This petition gathered 125,000 in its first 24 hours.  Every American who considers the FBI’s statement Tuesday to be a miscarriage of justice and proof of a two-tiered legal system in our country needs to add their name to it(click the link to do so)

We can’t make them listen.  But we CAN say we tried to warn them: the public increasingly is convinced that the Federal Government no longer acts obligated to its purpose of protecting our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; instead, it–and the Clinton crime family–has become a large and growing threat to all three.

As for anyone who still supports returning the Clintons to the White House after more than two decades of smoke, mirrors, billing records, a blue dress, cattle futures, defining “is,” more smoke, etc, ad infinitum, well… you know how much you can trust them not to be careless,’ too…




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