What have we become?

After a very busy day, I made the mistake of checking the news before turning in.  Dallas is the latest reminder that our nation is coming unglued, beset by enemies without and within.

Earlier this week I was leading my family in prayer, and found myself breaking down in tears as I confessed to God I don’t recognize my country anymore.  I’m a student of history, so I know full well we don’t live in the roughest of times.  Yet.  As one commenter put it this evening, “1968 wasn’t fun the first time around.”  All the symptoms of another great storm are here, however.  The clouds have been gathering for some time, and only the grace of God can avert what seems to lie ahead for our land.  We don’t need new regulations… we need renewed repentance.  Policy tinkering won’t address the real issues… but prostrating ourselves before the Lord can.

Christians, are you in prayer?  Is your heart breaking?  Not just because of a sense of losing your country, but because it seems the Evil One is poised for another of his days, and his goal is the same as it ever was: to “steal, kill and destroy” — to keep away from God and destroy as many precious lives as he can.  If there is any good that can come out of the lawlessness and terror that is on the increase, it is that people may be jolted from the vanity fair long enough to ask in earnest: what have we become?


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