Guilty as Hill

I’m still in furious disbelief that the FBI recommended no charges be filed against Hillary over her use of an unauthorized, personal email server as Secretary of State, through which highly sensitive and classified information passed (and likely passed to our nation’s enemies).  If anything proves there’s no equality before the law in our land these days, this does.  I say this as someone with personal experience during my military service with handling highly classified information.  There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been locked away for a long time had I been half as “careless” with the national trust I’d been given.

Regardless my misgivings about Trump or Gary Johnson (and they are many), it’s clear to me that Her Hillariness must not become the next President of the United States.  The “get out of jail free” card over the email server is just the latest in a long saga that includes zero accountability for her actions.  For that reason, I’ve agreed to work with a colleague on a collaborative site:  Guilty as Hill.

Guilty as Hill logo copy

Our vision for the site is simple: provide an easy reference source to debunk the vapid talking point that all of Hillary’s woes are part of some “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  Far from being unduly persecuted, what little heat she has felt she’s brought on herself through her actions.  The problem is that ‘heat’ has amounted to little more than mild inconvenience, rather than justice being served.

We’ve been building content since the FBI announcement on July 6th.  As the election approaches, RonKo and I will continue to comment on developments, as well as posting reminders of the Clintons’ “greatest hits” — a long track record of playing fast and loose  and getting away with it.  It’s about time that caught up with them.  Feel free to share the material, and to let me know if there are ways to make the site a more useful resource as you advocate protecting our nation from a President Hillary.


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