Playing with fire

One of the most insightful quotes I’ve read online today is this:

Many people voted for Trump reluctantly and with a tinge of regret.  What (the Left is) doing right now simply confirms they made the right choice.

Forget “Red States vs. Blue States,” or “rural vs. urban.”  The greatest divide in America today is “adults vs. juvenile delinquents.”  When you have colleges(!!) offering pet therapy and Play-Doh to calm the fragile snowflakes traumatized by the election of Donald Trump, that’s a clue why there’s a large swath of the population that simply doesn’t know what to do with defeat.  So they act out, as any two-year-old would.

This isn’t limited to college kids, either.  Lots of employees at the Environment Protection Agency are so distraught they’re taking sick days.  They don’t seem to understand that doing so reinforces the impression taxpayers already have of most of the bloated Federal bureaucracy — an impression that caused them to look for an outsider to shake things up.

They’re shaking, all right.  And Trump has yet to do anything.

Somebody needs to inform these infantile idiots that large crowds engaging in smashing random cars, lobbing Molotov cocktails and generally tearing their own city down around them tend to make enemies real fast.

I can remember during the Los Angeles riots in 1992 when Korean store owners stood guard with weapons on top of their shops to ‘encourage’ the rioters to go elsewhere.  Those riots left more than 50 people dead.

And that was one city.  Right now, literal anarchists are spreading their temper tantrum to as many cities as possible.  If this keeps up, sooner or later they’re going to meet armed resistance.  Since the police departments seem tamed by the threat of being called nasty names, that resistance is increasingly likely to come from prepared citizens who aren’t afraid to defend their “life, liberty and property.”

God only knows what will happen then.



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