A quick plug

A friend of mine has started a new page on Facebook, called “The Right Road.”  It’s intended as a news aggregator of stories from a conservative point of view.  If you are active on that social media platform, take a moment to stop by and take a look.

One major consequence of the Internet that likely was not appreciated fully in its early days is the ability for like-minded people to find others who hold similar views.  I believe this has energized the small-government, classical economics Right, as they can now confirm they’re not some strange anomoly — there are actually large numbers of people with sympathetic views.  And that is why you will continue to hear loud calls for regulation of speech online.  The Left is intellectually and morally bankrupt, completely dependent on their corporate media lapdogs to appear even remotely coherent and worth considering in an election.  With Her Hillariness now crushed in her Quixotic quest for the throne of Mordor  White House, remember the modified saying: hell hath no fury like a Clinton scorned.

Be vigilant, be diligent, and above all, refuse to be silenced.  All manner of epithets will be trotted out to shame people into compliance.  Just remember who’s hurling those epithets, remember who’s on the side of Truth, hold your head high, and keep charging.


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