Isn’t that interesting?

Someone took the time to look up how the Stock Markets fared during the first 36 days after an election:


A couple of things worth noting here: first, Bill Clinton is the only Democrat in the entire lineup and it was after his re-election, when he faced a Republican Congress, that he qualified for the list.  Second, Hoover made the list, but within a year of taking office was slapped by Black Tuesday in 1929, which most historians mark as the start of the Great Depression (though many at the time didn’t recognize it as such until a couple years later).

Hoover essentially was on watch when years of financial speculation and dangerous stock market practices blew up in America’s face.  Those shenanigans pale in comparison to the duplicity of today’s financial sector.  So I would not be surprised if Trump, too, ends up dealing with a monetary nuclear explosion.  We went from a $10 trillion national debt to a $20 trillion one in just eight years.  Yeah… that’s sustainable…


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