THIS is the point!

Since the election, we’ve been hearing that the Ruskies are behind all the leaked emails, possibly through a nefarious agent like Wikileaks.  The Clintons’ dirty laundry, along with that of many supporters, was hung on a line for all the world to see.

But despite all the outrage over “who let the e-mails out,” I’ve yet to see a denial that they are authentic.  And if they are, WHAT they contain is far more important that WHO obtained them.  I wonder why more of us aren’t talking about THAT.

Remember: when the Establishment wants to clean up a leak and distract the public, they beat the war drums and blame domestic problems on foreign governments.  Frankly, if Russia DID have something to do with this, America may owe them one for showing just how thoroughly and completely our system has rotted.


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