Quote of the day

“… if Americans increasingly find it intolerable that their political opponents control the government, that’s because government controls too much.”  — Glenn Reynolds

Not only does government control too much; it’s been increasingly ‘weaponized’ by both parties while in power, such that it can bully and harass political opponents.  This dangerous process has been going on for some time.  Obama just dialed it up to 11.  That led to this observation on Twitter, regarding how Democrats must feel now that the IRS and other agencies have a history of “punching back twice as hard:”


(Note: “TFW” is internet shorthand for “That feeling when…”)

The true measure of Donald Trump’s success will be if the next election doesn’t feel as if everything in life depends on it, or that one side can then flaunt the law at will.  This should never be the case.


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