A very taxing system

Americans for Tax Reform have put out a nice infographic about how the U.S. income tax has morphed into a monstrosity since we let the Constitution be amended in 1913 to have one.  That such a tax was one of the ten planks of Marx’s Communist Manifesto should have given Americans more pause.


I’ve said it numerous times: to stop a fire you have to take away its fuel and starve it of oxygen.  The income tax paved the way for the Leviathan our government has become.  Starving it of revenue by getting rid of the income tax would begin the process of returning to a limited government.

Remember: the nation got along just fine for 137 years without the ability to reach directly into our wallets.


5 thoughts on “A very taxing system

  1. Why not have a simple flat tax of 15% and tax capital gains between 15%-25% to make up the difference in lost revenue? No deductibility for state and/or local taxes. The 1st $50, 000.00 is tax-free. I would also get rid of all unnecessary departments at the federal level that have no authorization under the U.S. Constitution. I would also de-fund and abolish Planned Parenthood. Another thing that I would do (and I agree with the libertarians on this) is legalize, tax and regulate the sale of all drugs.

  2. Thanks for commenting. The income tax was highly controversial when passed in 1913. The original plan was to tax at 1% all income over $3000 (equivalent to $75,451.82 in 2018). Entry into World War I gutted the deceptive compromise to “tax only the rich,” and the income tax has been central to funding the Federal government ever since. It’s no coincidence that many of the unconstitutional departments you refer to have been created since that time as well. As I said in the original post, to stop a fire you have to starve it of oxygen. I’m not looking to “make up the difference in lost revenue” after abolishing the income tax. I’m looking at a balanced budget amendment and a reduction of revenue sources for the Feds (back to things like tariffs) in order to force Uncle Sam onto a serious diet.

  3. The income tax was prohibited under Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Quite honestly, I would like to get rid of the income tax and replace our current tax code with nothing. However, until the national debt is paid off, I would support either a flat tax or a national sales tax.

  4. I would prefer to go with a national sales tax. However, if we had a flat tax, my preference would be for a flat rate of 15%, with a standard deduction of $50, 000.00, so a family, regardless of its size, earning that much or less, pays nothing. Capital gains tax is subject to a sliding scale. Between 15%-25%. The sliding scale on taxation of capital gains taxation would provide a progressive component, however, the marginal rate is fixed. There would be no corporate tax, no alternative minimum tax, no estate tax, no payroll tax and very limited deductions.

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