Discovering two can pull hair

There’s already plenty of commentary about “comedian” Kathy Griffin’s disgraceful photo shoot with a simulated severed Donald Trump head.  What interests me most about this is:

(a) The utter tone deafness such a photo concept conveys in a world where beheadings and general terrorism are becoming ever more commonplace thanks to outfits like ISIS, and

(b) The serious pushback against and rare consequences for a leftist who went too far — to the point Griffin is now complaining that “Trump broke me” and that her career is over.  In other words, “it all started when he hit me back.”

Welcome to the political world your leftist friends created, Kathy.

For years, even decades, individuals running afoul of the misnamed “political correctness” have been harassed, demonized, and in more than a few cases, left unemployed or otherwise financially harmed.  For instance, a rodeo clown lost his job after performing with an Obama mask.  Now to be fair, there were plenty of inappropriate Obama images during his presidency (including suggestions of lynching, assassination and more).  Such excesses rarely failed to gain national attention and condemnation.

So why would Griffin think her stupid idea would be any different?  Because of the insulated world she and her fellow travelers live in, and the double standards they are

accustomed to benefiting from.  You see, it’s not “eliminationist rhetoric” when THEY do it.

Ever since the closely contested 2000 presidential election, there’s been a change in our political climate.  The left sought to de-legitimize George W. Bush’s presidency, trying to superimpose their wish of “what should have been.”  Once Obama came into power, though, all the antiwar protestors stayed home (despite Obama’s unconstitutional intervention in Libya), Code Pink was nowhere to be found, and we were reminded that “elections have consequences.”

Yes, they do.  Obama pushed the pendulum so far left there was bound to be a reaction.  I’ll say it again: the Democrats won’t learn a thing until they carefully consider why Americans would vote for someone like Trump just to give a double-birdie to the system.

In a culture where everything is now politicized, and politics are personal, plenty of people on the right have been destroyed.  Except perhaps for the pushback against the Dixie Chicks several years ago, leftists have largely been spared such treatment.  But they sowed the wind, and perhaps now will reap the whirlwind.

As I read online earlier today, there’s a joke about a boy whose baby sister keeps pulling his hair.  After complaining to his mother, she says “she’s little; she doesn’t know it hurts.”  Moments later mom hears a scream from the other room, and races in to see her son with a tuft of his sister’s hair in hand.

She knows now,” he says.

It’s high time the right started holding the left to its own standards, vocally pointing out their supposedly high-minded sermonizing for the incoherent mess it is, and demanding accountability.  Their comedians aren’t funny, their politicians are crazy, and it’s time they were forced to live in the real world with the rest of us.  After all, why can Obama have a wall, but America can’t?

Maybe after that some semblance of civility can be restored based on detente.  In the meantime, when you’ve been under as much fire as traditional Americans have, you eventually learn there’s no virtue in trying to just “stay above it all.”  To make it stop, you have to fight back.

Visit Starbucks and ask the barista to create a decorative Cross in the froth.  If they won’t, ask them why they’re such anti-Christian bigots.  Ask a baker to create a cake for Confederate Heritage Month.  If they don’t, ask them why they hate history and white people.   Buy a Dodge Charger and ask a detailer to put the Southern Cross on the roof, like the Dukes of Hazzard’s “General Lee.”  If they won’t, call it artistic discrimination.  Ask your local college if they’re having “black only” or “gay only” graduation ceremonies.  If they are, ask them why they’re for bringing back segregation.  The possibilities are endless, as is the left’s nonsense.  Watch what they do, then rub their noses back in it.

It’s time to start pulling lots of hair.


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