Since we’re talking symbolism

Across the nation, Confederate monuments are coming down, and the question on many minds is whether the President was right: will it stop there, or grow to include any figure — including pivotal figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — associated with slavery or other grievances?

So this would be a good time to examine the symbol of one of the more active groups on the Left: Antifa.  Their flag has been seen from Berkeley to Boston at various “protests” and “counter-protests.”  Why the quotations?  Because in nearly every case, it has devolved into violence.

This is Antifa’s flag:


Note that the full name of the group is “Antifascist Action.”  The photo above is from an event in Oklahoma City.  Now take a careful look at this next photo:

3rd Communist International

This is the debut of that logo, at the first meeting of the “Antifaschistische Aktion” group in Berlin, July 10, 1932.  The organization was created by the Communist Party of Germany as a replacement paramilitary force after their original goon squad –the Rotfrontkämpferbund — was banned due to fighting between Communists and Nazis.

Note that the emblem is centered between two Soviet flags.  The banner on the table reads “Long live the Red Front.”  In essence, Antifa originated as the Communist answer to the Nazi “Brownshirts,” and the nature of the group was inherently violent.

The point has been made repeatedly in recent days that neo-Nazi symbolism has no business in the USA, and I agree.  But what about neo-Communism?  We’re reminded “we fought a war to conquer Nazi Germany.”  True.  We also waged a half century “Cold War” under threat of nuclear Armageddon to defeat the Soviet Union and its communist empire.  So why is Adolph Hitler the lone boogeyman and political epithet?

It’s because Communists and Nazis strongly emphasized their differences rather than their similarities.  This is deliberate deception.  BOTH belong on the “left” end of the spectrum, as both are collectivist totalitarian ideologies.  The opposite of each is not the other, but rather minimalist, individualist government.

But wait, there’s more!  Our society today is so historically ignorant that many people initially can’t understand why I lump Nazis and Communists together.  So here’s some info to chew on:

Hitler was not the “Original Fascist.”  Benito Mussolini was, founding the Italian Fascist Party in 1919 and deriving the name from the old Roman symbol of authority — a bundle of sticks with an axe head known as a fasces.  The problem for our modern Marxists is Mussolini had previously been a leading member of the Italian Socialist Party.  He was booted out (pardon the pun) after advocating Italy’s participation in World War I while the international socialist position was one of pacifism against the “capitalists’ war.” Benito went on to serve in the Italian army.  After the war and the rise of Communism in Russia, the international socialist community was ready to foment revolution around the world, while Mussolini preferred to focus on establishing his brand of collectivism in a revived Roman Empire.

In Germany, Hitler advocated recruitment of any socialist/Communist who would join the Nazis… which stands, after all, for the National Socialist German Workers Party. In both Italy and Germany, these two brands were fraternal twins born with an undying hatred of each other.  And yet, it’s only Hitler and his Nazis that are vilified in our political discourse.  Why is that?

Hitler killed 6 million people in the Holocaust, and many more in the fighting of World War II.  Compare that to Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, who between them shed the blood of 15 to 20 million people.  But there’s a statue of Lenin in Seattle.  And Los Angeles.  And New York City.  The New York Times has been running a series marking a century since the 1917 Revolution, including such informative pieces as “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Communism.”  A bust of Stalin was unveiled in 2010 as part of a D-Day memorial (!) in Bedford, Virginia.  Their intellectual kin in China, Mao Zedong, outdid them all, with around 40 million who died in his revolution and the various purges that followed.  Fortunately, there’s not a monument to him in the United States.  Yet.

The Communist movement that birthed Antifa is responsible for more deaths than any other ideology in history… but you’d never know that from the constant “Two Minutes’ Hate” directed at the latest wrongthinker to be labeled “as bad as Hitler.”

No symbolism of Nazism or Communism should exist in America outside of a museum. And let’s get something straight: being to the political “right” of socialism doesn’t make you a Nazi. It puts you closer to the Founding Fathers than the Fuhrer.  Many Nazis thought they were being patriotic, yes, but being patriotic and wanting to defend your nation and your culture doesn’t make you a Nazi.

Now… let’s get rid of ALL the symbols of hate and death in our country.  Not just the unfashionable ones.


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