Choose your own message

While the Babylon Bee is a satire site (a very good one, in fact — enough that I’ve added it to the sidebar on the right), this entry strikes a little too close to home how many people approach the Bible these days:


GRAND RAPIDS, MI—In a move designed to help students of the Word carefully impose their own theology and personal experiences onto the text, Zondervan released its all-new Choose Your Own Adventure Bible to widespread public acclaim Wednesday morning.

Boasting over three hundred different endings, the CYOA Bible allows readers to guide and bend the narrative through all its various twists and turns in order to shape the Bible’s theology to suit their own tastes, biases, and prejudices.

I loved the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as a kid, but their approach hardly makes for sound Biblical exegesis.  The Babylon Bee does a great job highlighting/ridiculing current issues in the Church.  It’s worth checking out, as is the cartoon site Adam4d.  (Note: Adam Ford, the creator of Adam4d, also runs the Babylon Bee.)


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