Isn’t that convenient?

I ended yesterday’s post wondering if Harvey Weinstein will suffer any consequences for his decades-long abuse of women in Hollywood.

We may have our answer today:

Harvey Weinstein has reportedly fled the country to find help.

The producer is headed to a sex addiction rehab center in Europe via private jet, TMZ reported Tuesday.

A source, however, told the Daily News that he’s not leaving for rehab, but rather counseling.

“He needs his peace. He’s been hounded all week. He lost his company and his wife. What more can you lose?” the source said. “He’s got to go find peace.”

The report comes shortly after Weinstein’s wife, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, announced that she’s leaving her husband.

It doesn’t matter whether he went to Europe for counseling or for rehab — why was he allowed to leave the country at all?  With all the allegations that have surfaced the past week, it seems a little odd that he could just hop on a private jet and leave the jurisdiction of the United States.  Guess he’ll say hi to Roman Polanski while he’s there.

Once again, we see there are two tiers of law in this country: one for the wealthy and connected, and one for the rest of us.


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