For the children

I note here occasionally that many of the statists’ proposals are put forward soothingly, under the guise of how their increasingly totalitarian schemes are “for the children.”  What’s overlooked is that one of their favorite targets — the Christian faith — has done more for the betterment of childhood (not to mention adulthood) than their […]

The ‘war on drugs’ must end… for the children…

We’re told so many policies must be enacted, no matter how antithetical to liberty, because “it’s for the children.” Well then, take a good look at this picture. This 19-month old has an estimated 50 percent chance of survival after a SWAT invasion of the house in which he was sleeping resulted in a ‘flash-bang’ […]

Again, it’s "for the children…"

The economy is tanking. People are losing their jobs. More and more families are turning to charities and thrift stores to get by. So naturally, government leaps into action with high-minded rhetoric… and virtually ensures the destruction of many thrift stores: It’s not the economic downturn putting Douglas’ Me ‘n Moms stores in danger. It’s […]

It’s always "for the children"

Sometimes I wonder if even Hitler would have found more sympathy if he had pursued Lebensraum and the Final Solution because he “wanted to secure the future for Germany’s children.” A tech company with ties to a school district plans to test a tracking system by putting computer chips on grade-schoolers’ backpacks, an experiment the […]

All for the children

What’cha want to bet these records won’t just expire at age 18? Nice way to get everybody all lined up for Big Brother, no? Senior social workers have given warning of the dangers posed by a new government register that will store the details of every child in England from next year. They fear that […]

Open borders kills children

I’ve noted more than once how often liberals put forth policy proposals wrapped in emotional rhetoric, claiming “it’s for the children.”  Well, in that sense, the Democrats’ refusal to fund a wall and effective border security is resulting in the death of children: An 8-year-old boy reportedly died Monday at a hospital in New Mexico […]