Books I like


Axelrod, Alan: Selling the Great War

Barzun, Jacques: Dawn to Decadence – 500 years of Western Cultural Life

Buchanan, Pat: A Republic, Not an Empire

Coll, Steve: Ghost Wars – The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 11, 2001

Day, Vox: The Irrational Atheist

Eisenhower, Dwight D.: Crusade in Europe

Foote, Shelby: The Civil War – A Narrative (trilogy)

Goldberg, Jonah: Liberal Fascism

Grissom, Michael: Southern by the Grace of God

Hamilton, Alexander, James Madison, John Jay, Patrick Henry, et al: The Complete Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers (required reading for informed citizens, and especially any judge who finds it “hard to discern the meaning of the Founders…”)

Hanson, Victor Davis: Carnage and Culture

Kennedy, Paul: Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

Kolchin, Peter: American Slavery (possibly the most honest and dispassionate look at both the context and the cruelty of that institution)

McPherson, James: Battle Cry of Freedom – The Civil War Era

Merry, Robert: A Country of Vast Designs

Rashid, Ahmed: Descent Into Chaos (about Afghanistan and Pakistan after the Soviets – note: this book is a good companion to Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars)

Stamp, Kenneth: The Causes of the Civil War

Tuchman, Barbara: The Guns of August

Woods, Thomas: The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Inspirational / Christian

Bunyan, John: The Pilgrim’s Progress

Colson, Chuck, and Pearcey, Nancy: How Now Shall We Live?

Lewis, C.S.: Mere Christianity

Lucado, Max: In the Grip of Grace

Wangerin, Walter: The Book of God


Berg, A. Scott: Lindbergh

McCullough, David: John Adams


Adams, Richard: Watership Down

Asimov, Isaac: The Foundation Trilogy

Card, Orson Scott: Ender’s Game

Dekker, Ted: The Circle Trilogy – Black, Red, White

Heinlein, Robert: Starship Troopers

L’Engle, Madeline: A Wrinkle in Time

Lewis, C.S.: The Chronicles of Narnia Series

Tokien, J.R.R.: The HobbitThe Lord of the Rings

Turtledove, Harry: The Guns of the South

Twain, Mark: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

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