By any means necessary

The Democrats clearly do not intend to honor any facet of our system of government that does not result in their gaining power.  Senator Marco Rubio sounds the alarm:

rubio tweet

Broward County – a heavily Democratic area whose supervisor of elections illegally destroyed ballots in a previous election.  (Why is she still in the position?)  Broward County – a heavily Democratic area home to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who (among many other things I don’t have space to list here) stated publicly there are “many things” that can be done to rig an electionBroward County – a heavily Democratic area known for being home to the “Broward Cowards” — Sherriff Israel’s police force that failed to actively intervene during the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.  (Like the supervisor of elections, the Sherriff still has his job, despite losing a vote of confidence by his own department’s union.)

The problem is not limited to the whisker-close races in Florida, either:

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema took a narrow 9,610-vote lead over GOP Rep. Martha McSally Thursday evening as Arizona’s election authorities counted more ballots in the state’s uncalled Senate race.

…depending on the results in Arizona and Florida, the Republican majority in the next Senate could be as small as 52 seats or as big as 54. That spread could be significant on legislation and judicial confirmations over the next two years…

Especially since Senator-elect Romney will undoubtedly take the RINO role previously held by the late Senator McCain, poking his finger in his own party’s eye when it suits him.  President Trump announced before the election that the Federal Government would look closely at improper actions and allegations of fraud.  I sincerely hope they are doing so, and are prepared to make very public examples of anyone found putting their thumb on the scale.  We keep hearing that Trump’s election somehow made Democrats lose faith in our Constitutional system.  As one writer points out, that’s not the case.  They haven’t lost faith in it… they just don’t like how it gets in their way.  That’s why places like Broward County will try to continue “finding votes” until they have enough to get the election results they wanted.

This is outright attempted electoral theft.  It cannot be tolerated.  Period.  The public must demand accountability for this process.  If the Arizona and Florida races are shown to be stolen by the Democrats, the Senate MUST refuse to seat the alleged winners.

Americans have long been cynical about their own elections — but have been willing to abide by the results of record.  If that ceases to be the case (and the Democrats’ collective tantrum after 2016 was a huge step in that direction), we will have anarchy in very short order.  Are you prepared for that contingency?

They don’t really represent “us”

Congress has become a place where people entrench themselves practically for life, clinging to power without regard for the actual job of representing their constituents:

PHOENIX — Meghan McCain says she’s “cautiously optimistic” that Sen. John McCain could return to Washington by the summer.

The 81-year-old Republican senator has been battling a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. He was diagnosed last summer.

John McCain was hospitalized and treated for a viral infection in December. He has remained at his family’s ranch near Sedona to undergo chemotherapy and physical therapy since mid-December.

The senator had initially expected to return to Washington in January, but was unable to do so.

So for six months–maybe even more–the people of Arizona will only have half the representation in the Senate that is prescribed under the Constitution.  Of course, even when McCain is present in the Senate, one could hardly call his recent track record properly Republican.

Whatever his past services to the nation, John McCain is clearly seriously ill, and unable to perform the duties of an elected representative.  I wish him only well as he and his family battle the common scourge of cancer.  But a true public servant would recognize his inability to perform his duties and step aside.  We have precious few of those in office these days.  Instead, we have the image of an elderly politico clutching hold of his power even as he tries to cling to life, as though he’s permanently entitled to either.

Membership in Congress has become a sort of nobility in America, even to the point of attempts to maintain “dynasties.”  Of the current 50 senators, 18 have been in office since the Bill Clinton Administration, and the most senior senator–Patrick Leahy of Vermont–entered the body six years before Ronald Reagan became president in 1981.  McCain, a one-time candidate for president, currently is the 7th longest serving senator.

Before the “progressives” added the 17th Amendment, Senators were appointed by State legislatures, not by direct election.  I suspect if we reverted back to the original intentions of the Founders, it would be far easier for Arizona to tell McCain to focus on his health while another is sent to represent the State’s interests in D.C. Mordor.

I’ve said before we have to stop enabling careerism in politics.  No politician should be able to simultaneously run for higher office and reelection to his current seat (thus forcing the taxpayer expense of a special election if “promoted.”)  Politicians should not be able to shop around for a favorable district just by maintaining a second (or third…) home there. I’d even be in favor of allowing States to mandate their senators be drawn only from native-born residents.  Most importantly, Congress should only meet a limited period each year, forced to get the essentials done (like, say, passing a budget on time), then return to their constituencies.  By roosting in Mordor with others like them, it’s far to easy to become self-important and isolated from the people they supposedly serve.

The Greek historian Thucydides once said “of all the manifestations of power, restraint impresses men the most.”  I’d offer a corollary to that: nothing becomes a statesman more than the willingness to relinquish power.  That was the essential difference between George Washington and King George III.  We need to regain that sense of civic mindedness.

We’re all on the border, now

It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States — the current invasion is a local issue:

Illegal immigrants are being secretly flown to Massachusetts ((without the normal ID and TSA dance you and I have to endure, incidentally.  Still think TSA is about security? — Jemison)) and kept in local lockups in an under-the-radar operation that has alarmed lawmen who are raising health and security concerns amid recent spikes in detainees coming up from Texas during the latest border crisis.

“We’re all becoming border sheriffs now with these people being carted all over the country,” said Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson.

“The blame goes all the way up. It’s a travesty and people ought to be upset,” Hodgson said. “This is un-American and has raised the stakes to the public health and public safety threat.”

Hodgson said buses from his facility were recently used to transport six planeloads of illegals sent up from San Antonio to Hanscom Field in Bedford en route to the Plymouth County 
Correctional Facility.

The sheriff said he’s also heard of 100 immigrant children recently arriving in his county. But he couldn’t say if they are part of the deluge of 50,000 unaccompanied kids crossing the nation’s southern border.

Homeland Security has plenty of its own buses, too — complete with covered windows (metaphor alert regarding government transparency).

It should disturb every citizen to realize that our government is essentially providing the logistical backbone of an invasion of our own nation.  Far from fulfilling its duties to enforce the border (without which function no nation is truly sovereign), it is enabling tens of thousands of unvetted individuals to access every corner of our land.  This is beyond dereliction of duty.  It is aiding and abetting a tidal wave to accelerate demographic changes that will in turn impact how our nation functions.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Fine: go count how many stable, prosperous, free-market-limited-government nations you find south of the Rio Grande.  The simple fact is that even if this human tsunami is seeking a better way (rather than simply handouts), they simply have no idea of or experience with how such a system is supposed to function!  A nation can assimilate small numbers of newcomers over time and still retain its identity.  It cannot withstand the importation of massive voting blocks with alien ideologies and no incentives to identify with their new society.

Those in power know it, too — so the question becomes why are they so eagerly embracing and enabling this event?  The obvious answer is that for two centuries the American people have largely resisted letting government do whatever it wants.  Diluting that particular political DNA provides more opportunity for activist government — not least in mediating between people groups with vastly different visions of how things should be. *This* is where the ‘multiculturalism’ fetish leads.

But when the process has begun to replace an electorate, you have to ask the question what the intentions are toward those you are replacing.  Americans need to realize those buses with covered windows can serve more than one purpose.  As can various “holding facilities.”  After all, it’s telling that despite all the various crises and threats in the world today ((hey, did you hear ISIS now comes with uranium?)) that the Attorney General’s nightmares are about ‘homegrown extremists.’  Maybe if you didn’t let so many people into the country willy-nilly, there wouldn’t be as many ‘homegrown’ extremists!  But then, that’s not really what he means by ‘homegrown.’

What he’s really concerned about is that Americans may re-read that part of the Declaration of Independence that talks about “…when any government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and establish new government…”  Yeah, that’s pretty extremist talk for a people who’ve become accustomed to just taking whatever Uncle Sam chooses to dish out.  But if the government becomes accustomed to moving around massive numbers of people, and decides to employ that skill towards a newTrail of Tears” for current Americans, Holder may find his nightmares well-founded.

The nation’s governors need to do more than ‘visit the border’ for photo ops.  They need to inform Uncle Sam that if he won’t do his job, they will — do include blocking any federal movements of illegal migrants into their States.

Because if the States won’t secure their borders, there won’t be any left under this Administration…

Faulty premises

A senior GOP congresswoman has publicly called for the president to deploy National Guard troops to the border.

This appears to assume that:

– Only the president can employ the National Guard

– The president in interested in stopping the massive invasion in progress.

Both premises are false.  Notwithstanding the fact the congresscritter in question wears Team Elephant gear, it should be abundantly clear to every American that NOBODY in Mordor (House Dumbo or House Donkey) has any real interest whatsoever in enforcing the border and staunching the flood tide of immigration that has already fundamentally transformed this nation.  Indeed, after a half century of patient management of increasing the flow, it appears The Powers That Be have decided they can safely throw caution to the wind and floor the accelerator.  Certainly, the American people have done nothing to disabuse them of that notion, despite the fact they are being displaced by waves of people who have little to no experience with (much less comprehension of and support for) the worldview and principles that made this nation so attractive to them in the first place.  Between the perennial calls for yet another amnesty and the obvious choices by the Executive branch to act as though the border is just a suggestion, it should be clear the gates have been thrown wide open.

So what to do?  That gets to the first premise.  The National Guard is a State-focused and State-run institution.  It’s true the Feds have usurped and corrupted it to the service of the Centralized State over the last fifty years via the usual combination of dangling funds and using executive fiat.  Guard units today are more accustomed to projecting force overseas than they are protecting frontiers at home.  That doesn’t change the fact that any governor, in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and/or California, can at any time call out the Guard to deal with an invasion of their State.  That’s what a “guard” is for.  It’s time to stop the trespassers before they cross the border and become our problem several times over.

Doing so would likely lead to the Feds claiming interference with their jurisdiction (i.e. national defense and border security).  If that happened, the governors should simply throw the old pro-immigration canard back at them that they are “just doing the jobs Americans (in the Federal Government) won’t do.”  I imagine at that point, Mordor’s minions might attempt to federalize said Guard units in order to stand them down.

Wouldn’t that just further reemphasize their active abetting of this invasion?  A president telling Guard troops to stand down and allow their State (and all of the others) to be overrun?

I suspect the day is rapidly coming where not just Guard troops, but all Americans are going to have to decide where their loyalty lies: with an out-of-control District of Corruption, or with the principles the nation was founded on and to which it desperately needs to return (especially federalism and limited, locally focused governance).  If governors like Rick Perry of Texas and Jan Brewer of Arizona are more than just talk, they will take action to defend their State.  Here’s a hint: appealing to the Fed to check the Fed *isn’t* a viable approach (just ask those who’ve pleaded with the Justice Dept to get to the bottom of both its own misconduct and that of other agencies such as the IRS).

This is an invasion, Uncle Sam is collaborating, even knowing what the likely result may be (as few societies willingly consent to their own destruction at the end).  Treat it as such.  Call out your State troops to defend their homes, their neighbors and native land.   Let the moment of clarity come as it may… the nation is in dire need of a wake up call in order to understand what is happening to it.

“When any government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness)…”  If we’re to follow in the footsteps of the Founders, we need to act in a way worthy of that mantle.

A really, really good question

A besieged sheriff wonders about priorities:

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu said the Obama administration’s decision to extend the deployment of 1,200 U.S. National Guard troops along the U.S. border with Mexico until Sept. 30 is “pandering” and that those numbers “fall far short” of what military power is needed to keep the country safe. Babeu noted, for comparison, the 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea to help defend it against North Korean aggression; U.S. troops have been stationed in South Korea for 58 years.
Babeu is the sheriff of Pinal County in southern Arizona and is on the frontlines against illegal immigration, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and potential terrorists. He was named the 2011 National Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriff’s Association on Sunday, June 19.
What are we doing?” Babeu told by telephone. “We need 6,000 armed soldiers on our border to protect America. Homeland Security starts at home.” He was talking about the National Guard.

The Founders rightfully feared the power and natural inclinations of a standing military.  They would be appalled at the idea of both creating a standing military… then stationing it on every doggone border in the world but our own.

Good fences make good neighbors, as they say.  It’s not racist to want to constrain immigration to legal channels only.  Those already here have a vested interest in knowing and approving of who seeks to live amongst us.  Can anyone doubt that if we had secure frontiers there’d be less excuse for intrusive abuses of citizens in the name of “security?”

But since government’s agenda is always to grow government power at the expense of liberty, the “finest military the world’s ever seen” (as the cheerleaders like to call it from their safe perches) will remain scattered all over that world… instead of where they’re needed.

THAT is the question…

As the administration continues to spin the yarn that somehow the war in Iraq is over, The American Conservative magazine reviews the past 90 months… and asks a key question:

Six months before the invasion of Iraq, Taki Theodoracopulos, Scott McConnell and this writer launched a new magazine, The American Conservative. Goal: Convince our countrymen that invading Iraq would be imperial folly.

In the first column, in mid-September 2002, I wrote:

“If Providence does not intrude, we will soon launch an imperial war on Iraq with all the ‘On-to-Berlin!’ bravado with which French poilus and British Tommies marched in August 1914. But this invasion will not be the cakewalk neoconservatives predict. …

“(For) what comes after the celebratory gunfire when wicked Saddam is dead? …”

The cost: 4,400 dead, 35,000 wounded, $700 billion sunk…

And as America was tied down in the Long War, China emerged as the world’s No. 1 auto producer, No. 1 manufacturer, No. 1 exporter and No. 2 economy.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reports,

“The federal government has posted signs along a major interstate highway in Arizona, more than 100 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, warning travelers the area is unsafe because of drug and alien smugglers, and a local sheriff says Mexican drug cartels now control some parts of the state.”

What does it profit America if we save Anbar and lose Arizona?

"Hey! Just ‘cuz we’re not doing the job…"

Uncle Sam takes exception to others picking up the slack for him:

“The court by no means disregards Arizona’s interests in controlling illegal immigration and addressing the concurrent problems with crime. But it is not in the public interest for Arizona to enforce preempted laws.”
— U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton

By ‘preempted’ the judge means it’s an area of federal jurisdiction. I won’t argue with that; the Constitutional compact among the States delegated certain powers to their agent, the Federal Government, to do things on their behalf. Securing the borders was one of those tasks.

But… if I delegate a job to you, you fail to do it, and I angrily take care of the task myself, doesn’t it seem a little silly to berate me for getting the job done? In essence, that’s what’s happening in this ruling.

I was once taught you can delegate authority, but not responsibility. The States delegated authority to Uncle Sam to do certain things… most of which he is botching mightily these days. In the face of that, the States have an obligation to ensure those critical functions are still performed. That’s what Arizona is doing. If you read the ‘controversial’ bill closely, you find it levies no new requirements on citizens/residents that don’t already exist in federal regulations. The difference is merely that somebody (Arizona officials) might actually enforce these provisions for a change.

So the sad fact is Uncle Sam’s throwing a temper tantrum, saying “hey… that’s my job… even if I’m not doing it!”

Stand firm, Arizona. Stand firm.