Failure to assimilate

Turkey’s recent election, which further enhanced the Islamist totalitarian powers of Recep Erdogan, shows how far that nation has come from the secular society Kemal Ataturk intended.

The votes by Turks living abroad are even more telling, and should be noted:

About 1.4 million expatriate Turks voted in Turkey’s referendum to grant President Erdogan near-dictatorial powers, with three quarters of them residing in Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. These Turkish voters, living in some of Europe’s most liberal countries, overwhelming cast their ballots for Erdogan’s illiberal reforms of Turkish society…

Life in liberal Europe is not having the impact people hoped—Turks in Europe are not any less nationalistic, less authoritarian or less Islamist than their compatriots at home—rather they are more of all these things..

If assimilation is failing with long established Turks in affluent, full employment Germany, what can we expect with other communities in less prosperous European countries?

The measure squeaked by at home, with just over 51% saying “yes.”  For the Turks living abroad, “Yes” had anywhere from 15 to 25% more support!  That would tend to confirm the thesis that the massive wave of ‘refugees’ in the past couple of years represents an ideological vanguard of Islamism that intends to make Europe submit to it, not the other way around.

The author of the quoted piece seems puzzled that good economic conditions in Germany haven’t produced assimilation.  That’s because assimilation is a primarily a cultural issue, not an economic one.  In the past, Western European nations and the Anglosphere (U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc) fully expected newcomers to adopt their language, follow their laws, and to give their undivided loyalty to their new nation.

Immigrants today don’t have to cut the cord with the “old country” the way past generations did.  With global communication, the ability to travel and the tendency to settle into specific ethnic enclaves in their new land, immigrants today have far less motivation to assimilate.  Let’s face it: for Mexicans in the U.S., “home” is next door, you live in barrios with people like yourself, you can watch Spanish-language TV such as Univision, and even wave the Mexican flag while watching the U.S. play that country in soccer.  These are not Mexican-Americans.  They are Mexicans living in America.  The same is true of the Turks in Europe.  Even at the height of the Cold War, with Turkey a key partner in NATO, Europeans were strongly divided over whether or not to consider Turkey “European.”  Its current regression to pining for the days of the Ottoman Empire should answer that question.

The West has basically allowed a substantial fifth column to develop in their midst — a development our traitorous leadership class has encouraged.  While the resulting attacks rarely amount to more than a single actor at a time right now, I suspect that won’t remain the case much longer.  Even the “lone wolves” usually have ideological and communication ties with the Islamist movement.  At this stage of the game, Turks should be carefully watched, not welcomed in with no restrictions.  It’s time to shut the doors for a while and deal with what we’ve already admitted, rather than keep the welcome mat out for anyone with a pulse.

We should seem odd

Apparently, it’s now scandalous to be careful about avoiding even the appearance of impropriety:

Recently, a Washington Post article about second lady Karen Pence has brought the Billy Graham Rule back into the public eye. The article cites a 2002 interview with Vice President Pence — who has called himself an “evangelical Catholic” — saying that he “never eats alone with a woman other than his wife,” and that he doesn’t attend events serving alcohol unless she is with him as well. This will, no doubt, sound strange to the uninitiated. The Onion parodied the story with the headline, “Mike Pence Asks Waiter To Remove Mrs. Butterworth From Table Until Wife Arrives.” It is strange, as are many religious practices, and strange isn’t necessarily bad.

The impulse that led to the Billy Graham Rule — which was actually a solidification of principles guarding against several kinds of temptation — is a good and honorable one: to remain faithful to one’s spouse and to avoid the kind of behavior (or rumors of behavior) that have destroyed the careers of church leaders.

So far, so good – the author of the article appears to understand the motivation.  Then there’s the “but:”

…for men to categorically refuse to meet one-on-one with women is often dehumanizing and denies the image of Christ that each person bears.

The rule also promotes the preservation of men and exclusion of women in positions of leadership. If a woman at work cannot meet one-on-one with her boss or colleague, her options for advancement (or even being taken seriously as a colleague) are extremely limited.

The Billy Graham Rule also denies the reality of LGBT people. As a friend pointed out to me: Should a bisexual person refuse to ever be alone with anyone, full stop? Should a male pastor refuse to meet one-on-one with a gay man?…

Several female pastors I spoke with told me that they wouldn’t have a job if they abided by this rule because meeting one-on-one with men is part of what they have to do within their congregation.

There’s a lot to unpack here.  First of all, I tip my hat to Mike Pence for being so consistent about this that it draws attention.  But while the author makes a stab at seeming understanding, her real purpose is to taint the practice as somehow harmful and “unfair” (a favorite word on the Left).

As the author points out, the Christian belief system assumes “heteronormativity, furthering the idea that people who are LGBT are people “out there,” not an essential part of the church.”  Well, yes.  Continue reading

The Golden Rule and context

Once again the Left demonstrates their hypocritical position that religion doesn’t belong in public policymaking… unless it can be twisted or contorted to support their position:

President Barack Obama said that his understanding of the Bible and his Christian beliefs led him to issue the directive at public schools calling on students to be allowed to use the bathroom of their choosing regardless of their biological sex.

“My reading of scripture tells me that that [the] Golden Rule is pretty high up there in terms of my Christian belief,” he said during a town hall in Elkhart, Indiana, according to Breitbart News on Thursday.

One-world globalists would have you believe the Golden Rule is the common thread in all faiths and cultures, and thus the highest arbiter of law – a universalism of “be nice to each other.”  It is not.  Let’s go to scripture directly, shall we?

But when the Pharisees heard that he had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together. And one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question to test him.Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?”  And he said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

Yes, God expects us to put others ahead of self.  That is clearly taught throughout scripture.  The basis for doing so, however, is devotion to God (the “great and first commandment”).  Such devotion includes respect for ALL of God’s nature and His word — including the part of scripture that clearly states: “male and female He created them” (and not 58 shades of in between as some today would have us believe).

I don’t profess to understand the psychology behind various gender confusion disorders.  I do know they all have this in common: they are but one group of symptoms of this fallen, sin-drenched world that is a distortion of God’s intended creation.  That world would have us all believe the so-called “Golden Rule” means we should never say or do anything to cause another to be troubled (unless that person holds to an orthodox, historic Christian worldview, of course).  That is merely Satan’s way of trying to prevent believers from acting as agents of conviction on behalf of the Holy Spirit.  NOBODY likes to hear they ‘fall short of the glory of God,’ whether their particular shortcoming has to do with something sexual (including inappropriate heterosexual expressions such as adultery) or is simply a lack of self control over anger, materialism, or other manifestations of selfishness.

Granted, many believers are less than loving when addressing such issues, and they become the gongs Paul warned of.  But how is it “loving your neighbor as yourself” when you fail to note there is something between them and the God who loves them–that could separate them from His eternal presence?  How is it ‘loving’ to play along with what used to be more honestly described as mental issues?  Remaining silent and playing along simply allows the emperor to continue making a fool of himself, not realizing he has no clothes.

Treating each other “nicely” is not the measure of salvation or devotion to God (though it is fruit that results from that right relationship).  As the prophets of old were often opposed (and suffered) for speaking uncomfortable truth to society, so it is for believers today.  And with our leaders twisting Scripture to justify their own assaults on reality, it’s only going to get more difficult.  There was a time our people were grounded well enough in Scripture to recognize when it was being used inappropriately.  Now the masses are ignorant, open to the age-old ploy of “did God actually say…?”

Though we hardly deserve it, may God grant yet another revival in this land.

It’s time to ‘Target’ back

Target is the latest company to jump on the “use the bathroom you want to” bandwagon.  (My family has committed not to shop there, and you can, too.)  All of this has come to a head recently (pun for my Navy readers) because North Carolina passed HB-2, which does several principle things:

  • Requires people to use the bathroom of their birth gender – not their imagined one
  • Prohibits towns from using local ordinances to force businesses to open their restrooms to “transgender” choice — though nothing in the bill prevents a business from voluntarily doing so
  • Protects businesses and individuals from being sued for refusing to participate in such things as gay “weddings” (a favorite ‘progressive’ tactic of late)

Opponents of HB-2 would have you believe this is all about people with varying degrees of gender dysphoria (a mental disorder) being allowed to pee in peace.  This alone, of course, ignores the impact on the other 99.7% or so of the population who would now have to put up with people of random genders in every public restroom, thus providing ample cover for sexual predators.  So where is OUR ‘safe space?’

In truth, it goes much deeper than that.  Under the meme of ridiculing the “restroom war,” these radicals are trying to protect their ability to use civil and criminal courts to bully and bludgeon people into playing along with their fantasy world, or paying a high price in legal fees and judgments if they refuse.  They are playing a long-term strategy that, if successful with such precedents, could eventually criminalize the expression of many Christian teachings.  Yes, I believe it is that serious.

Our current president (retirement be upon him) has been fond of telling his supporters to “punch back twice as hard.”  Two can play that game.  It’s time Americans stopped allowing a very, very small group of biology deniers to set the public agenda.  It’s time to stop the spiral of individual silence on our side that makes their voices disproportionately loud.  It’s time to confront them with their own ‘science denial.’ It’s time to remind businesses that their bottom line depends more on the products they provide, not the propaganda they promote on the side.  Poll after poll shows the majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, on this and many other issues.  So stop subsiding the people trying to lead it that way!

These radical advocates say they want compassion – how compassionate is it to be an enabler to someone who has issues they need to face?  How compassionate is it to play along with gender dysphoria to the point the public is more at danger from sexual predation?

And as for all these aging rock stars who refuse to play in North Carolina anymore, it’s time to ask: who cares?  The hypocrisy and smugness of being willing to play in Riyadh but not Raleigh should be apparent to all.

Protect Safe Spaces

The center cannot hold

Years ago, I had a conversation with my dad about how neither the Republicans nor the Democrats were any good for the nation; that both were for ever-larger government, just for slightly different agendas and beneficiaries.  Given that the conversation took place in an election year, and that I was actively seeking alternatives, he was quick to remind me that “only two parties have a chance of winning.”

That wasn’t the first time I’d heard that, and in fact was tired of hearing it. So I pointed out that in Germany by late 1932, only two parties had a “chance of winning” (to lead a coalition): the Nazis and the Socialists/Communists.  I asked dad which I should vote for under those circumstances.  He wasn’t particularly thrilled with my response.

My thoughts returned to that conversation last night as I watched the news about Trump cancelling his rally in Chicago (where else?) due to threats of violence.  Whatever you think of the man politically or personally (and I admittedly don’t think much), yesterday’s events are a poor portent for where our society is headed.  The current generation has been indoctrinated by their college experience to shout down and deny a platform to anyone they believe to be “hurtful” (my poor feewings!).  Naturally, that usually means traditional, truly conservative, patriotic and/or Christian speakers — after all, when’s the last time you heard of Noam Chomsky or George Soros encountering unruly protestors disrupting their speeches?  Now this juvenile leftist campus atmosphere is bleeding into our national political processes, aided in no small part by the current administration, which was elected eight years ago while urging supporters to “get in their faces” and “punch back twice as hard.”  After largely ignoring the thuggish rhetoric of Team Obama and the growing intolerance on college campuses, the press has suffered an attack of the vapors at discovering the targets of that approach (a large percentage of whom are now Trump supporters) are rhetorically responding in kind.  In fact, a case could be made (and has been) that Trump is to some extent the GOP’s Obama (must-click link here!) — more an organizer than a thoughtful leader.  That said, I also don’t believe Ted Cruz covered himself in any glory by using the thuggery of leftist activists primarily to attack Trump.  Trump didn’t ‘create‘ this environment, Ted — he exacerbated one that already existed and was largely created by Gramscian leftists.  You missed an opportunity there, much to my disappointment.

With both sides fanning the flames of passion rather than appealing to reason, is it any wonder the physical tensions are rising?  We would do well to remember that the politics of Weimar Germany, to which I alluded earlier, were filled with literal street fighting between supporters of the opposing camps (this is where the oft cited, but rarely understood in context term “brown shirt” comes from).  There are days when I wonder if we are very far from such circumstances in today’s America.  In the same way Northerners and Southerners held each other in increasing contempt and dehumanization during the first half of the 1800s, we’ve had about half a century of the same process between alleged “liberals” and “conservatives” today.  This is complicated further by the fact that ever-larger numbers of people grab onto those brand labels while following a crowd, with no real understanding of what they mean (truly studying history and political theory is, after all, work).

There is more to this, though, than the simple fact many people are hurting as a result of our government’s failings over the last couple generations.  Every election cycle partisans all across the political spectrum are told “this is the mostest importantest election EVER!”  Fears of a reshaped Supreme Court, or radical legislation in Congress, or the “wrong” person holding the inordinate and unconstitutional power of Executive Orders are trotted out to get everyone to hold their nose and vote for “the lesser of two evils.”

And all along, that means they’ve been voting for evil: for ever-larger government that does everything EXCEPT what it’s supposed to do (i.e. protect the people and punish wrongdoing regardless of the criminal’s social status).  And the more government power has grown, the more dependent its various constituencies have become, so that the chance of the opposition gaining control is seen as an existential threat by both camps.  It is virtually impossible today to roll back any of the Federal government’s power, influence and control because of these well-entrenched constituencies.  THIS IS NOT WHAT THE FOUNDERS INTENDED!

I can confidently make some predictions: regardless who wins the White House in November, the federal debt will continue to increase, we will continue to engage in pointless overseas combat with no well-thought strategic framework guiding the mess, immigration will continue to flood our nation with people who have even less knowledge of how things are supposed to work here than do the Americans for whom this system is supposed to be a treasured birthright, citizens (and illegal invaders) will continue to demand more bread and circus services from Uncle Sam, and the government will continue to increase its police powers, destroy the middle class, and dumb down education so that the citizenry can neither fully understand nor effectively fight what is being done to it.  These are not sustainable practices.  So while we may not be living in the Lord’s “last days” yet, I believe we’re living in the last days of America as we’ve known it.  As Glenn Reynolds recently put it:

When you have a society that can’t do things that need to be done because every change threatens somebody’s rice bowl or offers insufficient opportunities for graft, you’ve got a society that is due for a reset, not for incremental change.

The thing is, resets are often kind of ugly.

Indeed.  And as I’ve often told students, history shows that revolutions are far more likely to result in worse circumstances for the people than they are to improve them (French Reign of Terror and Emperor Napoleon, anyone?).  For that reason alone, we should treasure the unusual results of 1776, however imperfectly they may have realized the ideals of the Declaration at first.

Instead, we sold our birthright for a mess of political pottage and patronage, and it’s far from certain we can win it back.  Now it seems we’re truly hoist between Scylla and Charibdis.  Maybe after another trial by fire we can remember that it’s better to solve differences with discussion and ballots, rather than disruption and bullets.  If we ever do successfully reset, I hope we’ll also remember that the best way of preventing desperate struggles to gain the “prize” of political power is to make that power not so all-encompassing to start with.

Meet the new year — same as the old year?

It will be if Americans continue to fail to hold their ‘leaders’ accountable:

This ain’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party; nor is this the party of Tip O’Neill or even Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer of the early ‘90s who supported border security and religious freedom respectively.  This is the party of transgenders, illegal aliens, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is the party of licentiousness, totalitarianism, and post-Americanism.

And as the linked article shows, there literally is no difference between the establishment GOP and this radicalized Democratic Party:

Last November, Americans went out and voted for a GOP Congress. Out popped Democrat policies, much like the rigged ballot machines in Maryland that would render Republican votes as Democratic ones.  As Chuck Schumer jubilantly declared following the omnibus bill, “the bills we’re passing reflect Democratic values.”  He boasted that “even though we’re in the minority, we are passing a program that we have been for all along.”

Both parties need to be destroyed: the Democrats because they have become little more than a fifth column of godless, anarchistic anti-Americanism, and the GOP because it has assumed the role of enabler to the other.  Thanks to both elements of the bi-factional ruling party, Obama has had a clear path for “fundamentally transforming” America — and NOT for the better.

Those who love this country must realize the political process is primarily a charade, a means of providing a veneer of “consent” for things our elites plan to do regardless.  But do you really consent to a flood tide of immigration from regions whose culture and religion are so fundamentally different from ours that there is little chance of ‘coexistence?’  Do you consent to the continued collusion of government and big business, leading to bailouts that result in heads they win, tails you foot the losses?  Do you consent to policies that allow businesses to replace Americans with lower-paid foreign “guest” workers?  Do you consent to being told your daughters have no choice but to share restrooms with deranged individuals who can’t accept that God gave them a Y chromosome, and demand everyone else play along with their fantasies?  Do you consent to being forced to affirm every opinion, no matter how fact-challenged, or face the full weight of the State because you ‘offended’ someone (that wasn’t an orthodox Christian, that is–after all, we’re fair game in this current system)?

We have witnessed in this country a revolution by those who would call evil good, and good evil.    It will take no less of a revolution to heal this land.  The battle ultimately is not ours, but at the same time we each have to be willing to participate — and to pay a cost.  To be called names.  To lose opportunities, friendships, even family, because of the willingness to stand up and say “Truth is truth, regardless the wandering ideas of men.”  The individual fear of repercussions is the greatest enabler of the Enemy.  For you see, we outnumber them.  Even if ‘alone.’  The day we truly remember, believe and act on that, the Enemy must flee.

This year’s election will dominate many discussions, but we must remember that our battle is not merely with a corrupted political system.  It is with the nihilistic, self-destructive ideologies promoted by the principalities of this fallen world.  It is with a mindset that will equate climate change heterodoxy with the mass murder of Jews, but will not say a word about the veins of Islamic thought from which spring one mass murder after another.  It is with a pernicious lie that is lodged so deep in the human hope of creating our own version of Heaven that even its consistently bloody track record fails to dislodge it.  What good does it do to defeat Her Hillariness on the ballot, if the ideas and culture that animate her and countless others continue to hold sway?  This cannot be about personalities alone, loathsome or laudible as some of them may be at times.  It must be first and foremost about Truth.

The Truth that while we are created with equal worth in God’s eyes, we are not created the same.
The Truth that not all beliefs are created equal; that some lead to freedom and others to bondage.
The Truth that man is not the measure of all things, and there are moral laws that transcend our personal preferences.
The Truth that the Creator values all human life, and also holds us accountable for what we do with it.
The Truth that when we fail to hold each other accountable — particularly our leaders — the fallen nature of humanity always defaults to a course of self-destruction.

Happy New Year to all.  Remember: you’re only ‘just’ a pawn if you meekly accept the role.  There’s plenty of frustration with the way things are going today.  The question of the year is what are we going to do about it?


Refusing to say the word

Much ink and not a few electrons have already been used to dissect the attack this week in California.  What’s finally prompting me to add my small voice is seeing the wording by which the President directed government agencies to fly the flag at half-staff*:

As a mark of respect for the victims of gun violence perpetrated on December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions through December 7, 2015.

This is why America faces more immediate danger than any time I can remember in my lifetime.  This is why we cannot get a handle on confronting and destroying Islamist networks.  This President steadfastly refuses to use the word “terrorism” unless it can be hung on his political enemies at home.

Think I exaggerate?  Within minutes of the shootings in Colorado, the entire left side of the spectrum was practically giddy at the thought a violent anti-abortionist would let them discredit a political viewpoint and at the same time demand more gun restrictions.  There was NO HESITATION to call it “domestic terrorism,” even while the standoff was going on and authorities were stressing the shooter’s motivations were not yet clear.  As more details have emerged, major media outlets have made much of the man’s professed “religious fervor,” though even they have to admit his theology amounted to saying one thing and doing another.  But never mind he’s not a Bible-adhering Christian: he claimed to be a Christian so that’s enough to initiate the guilt-by-association campaign.  By Jove, those gun-toting, Bible-thumping Christians are the greatest threat to our society!  Well, after Global Warming, that is.

Contrast that with the San Bernadino shootings.  The proclamation above gets nowhere close to the word “terrorism,” instead blaming inanimate objects (“guns”) once again for the violence.  While this is great rhetoric for the left’s relentless agenda to disarm ordinary Americans, it has the disadvantage of skirting around reality.

That reality includes the perpetrators’ Islamic faith, which somehow doesn’t seem to warrant as much coverage as Robert Dear’s deluded version of Christianity.  Syed Rizwan Farook, the son of Pakistani immigrants, traveled to Saudi Arabia to marry someone he’d met online (and who was able to get a thumbs up from Homeland (in)Security for a visa to live here).  His friends and family knew him to be absorbed by his Islamic faith, and he was in contact with known radicals.  He and his wife stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammunition, as well as materials for a pipe bomb assembly line in their apartment.

In this case, the news wanted to float the idea this was “workplace violence.”  Farook’s family claims he was teased by coworkers about his faith (never mind they also threw the couple a baby shower — for a child this couple left with its grandmother so they could go kill 14 people!).  About the only reference to the perpetrators’ religion is coverage of how Muslims are supposedly dealing with a backlash, the driver for which seems to be a mystery.  Despite the weapons cache and bomb-making materials, the FBI will only say “terrorism isn’t ruled out.”  Way to go, Inspector Clouseau!  I’m sure the President’s unwillingness to ever call any Islamic terrorism by its name has NOTHING to do with your open verdict — or the rampant sense of insecurity now felt by many Americans.

So, to sum up: the Colorado shooting means we need gun control and to reign in the protests from conservative Christians morally opposed to abortion.  The California shooting… well, since we don’t know his motivation (“he was such a nice, quiet guy!”), we’ll just blame it on the guns and double down on disarming America.  After all, we wouldn’t want to profile people — that’s doubleplusungood.

America has enemies, at home and abroad.  Increasingly, I’m of the opinion that the Democrats, especially this President, need to be considered conscious enablers of those enemies.  Instead of confronting the threat of militant Islam, they’d rather jet around the world talking about Global Warming (how’s THAT for hypocrisy?), browbeat Americans so they don’t act on suspicions, push to import thousands more from the region that spawned this hellish ideology in the first place, all while working to disarm the law-abiding public.  I’ll just say Molon Labe to that last bit.

History will not be kind to them.  Nor, I suspect, will the next decade or so be kind to our country, which has allowed these festering sores to rule over us.  We’re always told an election is “the most importantest ever,” but that’s very true in 2016.  Unless we elect leaders who actually believe in Western Civilization and what America used to stand for, and who will bar fifth columns from forming through immigration, and who will protect the rights of Americans to defend themselves against criminals and terrorists (but I repeat myself), well, there likely won’t be a presidential election in 2020.

At least not for the country we knew.


(*) – By the way, on land, the flag is sometimes flown at half-staff.  Only at sea (or on Navy/Coast Guard installations) is it ever flown at half-mast.   Get it right, people!  (End of pet peeve rant)