‘Deplorables’ get things done

This observation is worth reading in its entirety:

How many flood victims in South Texas have been rescued by the Antifa navy?

Just asking, because on TV this week I’ve been watching the “Cajun Navy” pull one Dunkirk after another all around the Gulf Coast.

And those good old boys look like they just came off the set of “Duck Dynasty.” They could be wearing MAGA hats. Hell, I’ll bet one or two of them may have even been falsely accused of committing a fake hate crime or two since the election by some unhinged Social Justice Warrior.

They are, to coin a phrase, deplorables.

Hell, a Chick-fil-A franchise in Houston sent out a power boat to rescue a couple of elderly customers. And the old folks didn’t even ask if Chick-fil-A’s CEO is still opposed to gay marriage.

Is Michael Moore hosting an All-U-Can-Eat buffet for first responders in Harris County? If he were, surely MSNBC would be covering it, live.

Where are Elizabeth Warren, Whoopi Goldberg, Steven Colbert, etc. etc.?

Seriously, doesn’t it look like almost all of the heavy lifting in the wake of Harvey is being done by people who belong to what the Southern Poverty Law Center would describe as “hate groups?”

Speaking of which, when does the [Southern Poverty Law Center’s] food drive begin? (((Maybe once they’re done transfering all their donations to offshore accounts — Jemison)))  Are the non-workers of the Socialist Workers Party and the Spartacist League loading any southbound 18-wheelers with relief supplies this weekend?

Maybe everyone in “the Resistance” is worn out from wearing pink hats and black masks and tipping over statues and sucker punching passers-by with bicycle locks in Berkeley and grabbing an old lady’s flag on the Boston Common and burning it — all those wonderful manifestations of how Love Trumps Hate, as they say.

As the Instapundit frequently says, “read the whole thing.”  There are two groups of people in this land: those who build it up and those who tear it down.  The former group is running out of patience with the latter’s yapping and worse, while contributing nothing to society.  If Antifa hates it so badly here, then get the hell out (I hear the socialist paradise of Venezuela has plenty of openings for violent anarchists right about now).  If it’s all just a pose, then you’re welcome to roll up your sleeves and do something more productive than chanting asinine slogans and showing your historical, political and economic ignorance loudly and violently.

It’s getting on the nerves of us busy ‘deplorables’ who believe in helping our neighbors, not ostracizing them over differences of opinion.


Information overload

It’s good that there’s so much discussion of “fake news,” but the problem is that the discussion isn’t focusing on the problem: a lack of discernment and desire to find truth.  Partisans of every stripe grasp onto every little rumor, leaping to conclusions as recklessly as one would leap over the Grand Canyon.  Meanwhile, there isn’t a single major news outlet that hasn’t sold its political soul to one faction or another.  We’ve developed two hermetically sealed echo chambers in this country and neither has the pursuit of truth as its top priority.  We’re told (incorrectly) the First Amendment has exceptions to defend people from being “uncomfortable” or “triggered.”  This is merely suppression of opposing ideas.  I’m concerned this is the first step in our cultural cold war becoming a hot one.  People are no longer “of a different opinion;” rather, they’re evil opponents.  Hostility is projected, received and internalized.  With all the careless talk about impeachment, or obstruction of Trump’s initiatives (which still have a sizable backing in the nation’s heartland), the ability of our political processes to address the issues is coming apart.

What happens after that step is likely going to be very ugly.  What are you doing to prepare?


A belated awakening

Millions of Americans are waking up to the fact the system is rigged to give the appearance of the Republic we once had, while functioning in reality as an oligarchy.  There are two sets of laws — one for the little people (even the not-so-little) and one for the self-appointed mandarin class.

Meanwhile, the trove of leaked emails reveal the web of relationships by which the media essentially takes orders from the Democrats, and the Democrats weaponize government agencies to harass their opponents.

If the ruling class can’t be bothered to even maintain an illusion of representing the average person, then why should those average Americans respect–or obey–the rotten system?  At least one former Army colonel is now convinced the system is too far gone to retain our loyalty:

We owe the system nothing. Nada. Zip. Instead, the system owes us fairness and honesty, and without them it has no right to our default acceptance of its results. That acceptance must be earned. This means that the system must aggressively police its own integrity, and this year it has utterly failed to do so…

Is this dangerous talk? Hell yes – but the danger doesn’t come from us pointing out the corruption. The danger is the corruption. I walked through wrecked villages in the aftermath of a civil war, so I sure as hell don’t need your lessons about what lies at the bottom of the slippery slope your ruling class is tobogganing down.

I could say the same: I deployed half a dozen times during my time in uniform.  I know a little of what war looks like, too, and that’s why I often tell people who seem a little too eager for war to become how we settle our differences here that they don’t know what they’re saying.

That doesn’t mean I’m not also wondering how much longer the charade will last.  The Declaration of Independence seems relevant here:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Pray that we don’t have to travel that road again.  But prepare for the journey, just in case.

This week’s must read

This is one of the most practical perspectives I’ve read recently, for those of us who realize the hurricane is coming… we just don’t know when it will make landfall:

Legitimate revolution takes time, patience and fortitude. Unfortunately, this is a strategic concept that is lost on many Americans today who suffer from a now-common ailment of attention deficit disorder and an obsession with immediate gratification. Even some who have their hearts in the right place and who work to defend and resurrect our nation’s founding ideals seem to believe that any action to defeat corrupt oligarchy must be effective immediately, otherwise, it’s not worth the attempt. History, of course, teaches us the opposite…

In fact, early Americans employed economic tactics against their enemy long before they picked up muskets and powder. British imports were turned away or destroyed. Clothing and other items normally shipped from Europe to be sold in the colonies were boycotted, while colonists began producing all of their own survival necessities. They refused to participate in the system that was designed to enslave them and this gave them a foundation on which to launch their eventual fight for liberty. Without efforts in economic independence, the American Revolution may not have ever taken place

If one is dependent on a tyrant, one cannot hope to defeat that tyrant. The reason so many people are afraid of the results of government shutdown and debt default is because so many people refuse to step away from the system. The reason so many people are afraid to fight back is because they have seen the establishment as their source of income for so long. If more Americans were self-reliant, if more Americans were willing to give up free goodies from the state, if more Americans built their own economic foundations, a collapse of our financial structure would be meaningless. We could simply sit back comfortably and let it die, for why would we care about the funeral pyre of a vicious and reckless political/corporate suicide train?

Read the whole thing here.    As John Adams famously put it:  

“The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.” 

Want change?  Abjure the realm

Today’s must-read assignment

There is much in this writing with which I concur.  What truly divides us today is less political shades of ideology, as much as a gap between those who wish to be left alone to be productive, and those who wish to interfere with and live off the accomplishments of others.  All of the incentive and accountability systems have been dreadfully perverted and it’s high time those who, in the words of the author, “give a damn” to separate themselves from the wreckage.

Capitalism stands and falls upon care, not the superficial “I-feel-your-pain” type, but the deep, committed “I-give-a-damn” type.   What does it mean to give a damn?
“I give a damn” means: I get broadly and deeply involved, I refuse to ignore what is going on around me, and I confront and respond to challenge. The operative word is “give.”
We’ve gotten a lot of I-feel-your-pain care lately, the mindless talk and cloying platitudes, the excuse-making b.s. It’s high time for I Give A Damn (IGAD) care to have its day.
I Give A Damn is the thoughtful, courageous, active care at the core of democratic capitalism, and we are going to need every bit of IGAD if we are going to rescue capitalism from predatory collapse.
Without I Give A Damn care, functioning capitalism does not and cannot exist. The stalwarts of capitalism–value, productivity, quality, customer service, transparency, accountability, entrepreneurship, attention to detail, successful management, enforcement of law–all require that you give a damn.
IGAD doesn’t require you to be liberal or conservative. In fact, it might help if you are neither. IGAD stands in sharp contrast to both unsustainable welfare state promises and corporate feudal monopolies currently masquerading as working in the people’s interest.
Democratic capitalism is about worthwhile production and exchange by communities of people who give a damn. It is expressly not about either crony-driven concentration of wealth or government redistribution.
IGAD doesn’t accept fake “compassionate (neo-) conservatism” or fake “get-tough” liberalism. In fact, IGAD would prefer that both of these big-mouthed do-nothing ideologies and their champions shut up and get the bleep out of the way.

Read the whole thing here.

The seven-year twitch

These musings humbly began seven years ago, today.  Of late I’ve had little time to devote to thoughtful writing, and I’ve generally tried not to post just for the sake of posting.

I made time for today, however.  Seven years is a long time to observe trends and try to distill one’s thoughts about the goings-on around them.  Over that period:

– The national debt more than doubled, from $7.8 trillion to $16.7 trillion.  In seven years, we added more debt than we did in the previous two-and-a-quarter centuries, world wars and all.

– Emperor Dubya–first elected on a campaign platform of ‘humble foreign policy’ and an aversion to nation-building–doubled down on the optional war in Iraq.  Since this blog began, 2,855 American service members died in Iraq.  Another 2,000 or so have died in Afghanistan which, after eleven years, remains unfinished business.  More than 50,000 other Americans have been wounded–many of these maimed for life.

– Growing public dissatisfaction with such figures resulted in the 2008 election of Emperor Hopenchange who, after “growing in office,” not only didn’t end the wars he’d campaigned against, but upped the ante by helping topple the Libyan regime, regularly buzzing Pakistan (among other places) with robotic air raids, and enabling proxy forces to dip their toes in places like Mali and Niger.

But wait!  There’s more!  Bellicose rhetoric against that favorite of villains, Iran, seems inversely proportional to economic woes in the Indispensable Nation.  Whatever else they are, the Mullahs are useful tools of distraction for an increasingly impoverished America.

– The financial crisis of 2008 caused the Bifactional Ruling Class to deploy around $50 billion (TARP) to deal with unemployment approaching 6.7 percent.  Four years and several additional floods of bailout (taxpayer) money later, overall unemployment is a full percentage point higher.

– The Guantanamo Bay Retirement Home for Suspected Jihadists remains open for business, though it seems nobody’s really in a hurry to, you know, actually reach a verdict on any of the guests’ statuses…

– The “Eye in the Sky” went from being a Top-40 hit to a growing reality in the Formerly Land of the Free 

– The price of gold went from $600/oz to $1600/oz;  silver from $10.25/oz to $28.50/oz

– The price of hi-velocity lead tripled… due in no small part to Uncle Sam’s buying spree and the public’s growing realization that the Constitution, 2nd Amendment and all, is merely a piece of paper to our so-called betters.

This post, four years ago, was on the day the Senate last passed a budget for the Feral Government.

The pain and the pace continue to increase.  Please excuse me if I’ve chosen to minimize my focus on that fact in recent days.  My deliberations, like those of many people much more knowledgeable than me, are unlikely to bring about the sober course corrections needed to avert national disaster.  In short, my goals have morphed from raging against the dying of the light to stockpiling matches for my family and seeking out others with the foresight to do the same.

“A nation preserved with liberty trampled underfoot is much worse than a nation in fragments but with the spirit of liberty still alive.  Southerners persistently claim that their rebellion is for the purpose of preserving this form of government.”
Private John H. Haley, 17th Maine Regiment , USA

Welcome to the jungle…

Where, as Axl Rose used to sing, the kids “wanna watch you bleed…”

Pat Mahaney was walking home Saturday with a six-pack of beer, looking forward to a quiet evening watching sports, when something hit him in the back of the head.
“The next thing I knew I woke up on my neighbor’s front step and the life squad was there,” the 45-year-old North College Hill resident said Wednesday.
Six teenagers “were just bored and were looking for something to do,” a police report said, when they ambushed Mahaney as he turned off Simpson Avenue onto Dallas Avenue. He was immediately knocked unconscious…
Mahaney was taken to Mercy Mt. Airy Hospital, where he was treated for four days before being released Tuesday. He suffered so many internal injuries that doctors had to insert a tube down his throat to remove all the blood from his stomach
But police were struck by how cocky the boys were for their age.
“They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” Foust said. “It’s appalling. I think it’s despicable. This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants. Thirteen-year-olds ought to be playing basketball, not running the streets looking for ways to entertain themselves at the expense of somebody.”


A quick news search indicates very few media outlets covering this outside the Cincinnati area.  But I’d be willing to bet a substantial sum of money this would be all over the national news had the victim been armed and shot one or more of the animals who assaulted him (and no, I’m not mincing words here.  Let’s call such behavior what it is: inhuman).

This isn’t an isolated event, either.  It appears we’re at a point in history where you need to decide: if/when you encounter the barbarians in our midst, do you want to be the bloodied victim in the picture, or the person explaining why they exercised their right to self-defense?  Uncle Sam isn’t the only one who should be investing in lead these days (which raises a separate question: why, exactly, does the Social Security Administration need to purchase 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point ammunition?  If they need some target practice, can’t they borrow some of the 450 million rounds of .40-caliber ammo just purchased by the Department of Homeland Security?).