Saturday Sounds

…and color, for the First World War:

I didn’t get to see this film during its brief time in theaters late last month, but look forward to seeing it on home video.  It’s amazing what adding color and sound does to make the events of a century ago “more real.”


Saturday Sounds

This is not usually considered a “Christmas” song.  And yet, Christmas has no meaning apart from the message it conveys.  One of our ministers shared last week at church that his daughter’s coworker, upon being wished a “Merry Christmas,” said she couldn’t remember whether Christmas was whether we “celebrate the birth or the killing of our God.”

Yes, it’s a shocking commentary on how ignorant of the basic doctrines of the faith our country has become.  But it’s also a reminder: neither the birth or the killing of Christ has any meaning without the Resurrection.

What a work we have, to tell those around us what all this really means.

Saturday Sounds

If any good has come of the political circuses in recent months, it’s that the Left has dropped nearly all pretense of somehow being responsible, patriotic Americans.  As their globalist, elitist, kleptocratic agendas are increasingly exposed, their shrieking becomes louder in an effort to distract.  Their kind does not suffer a loss of power without a fight.

The lines are being drawn.  Pray for peace, but be ready for war.

Saturday Sounds

September 12th marks the 335th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, in which a normally fractured Christendom was able to unite forces to relieve the two-month siege of the Austrian capital by the Ottoman Turks. Over the succeeding decades, the Muslim influence in Eastern Europe would steadily be pushed back…

Because the Winged Hussars arrived.