Good Guys and Guns

Cases of citizens successfully using firearms in self-defense don’t receive nearly the level of coverage of criminal mass murders.  This is my small attempt to correct that.  Instances of defensive use that result in a death receive more coverage than the far more numerous cases where the mere presence of a weapon, or a non-fatal wounding were enough to stop the crime in progress.  Keep in mind this list is the result of minimal internet research — there are certainly many others that remained unremarkable local stories.  This list reflects the fallen world we live in, not the ideal world we wish we inhabited.  You may notice my annotations differ many times from the story headlines.  That’s because even when the media report on these events, they do so with an agenda that sometimes obscures what happened.  After all, they can’t have people thinking guns can be a positive influence on events, now can they?

2019 – Jan 29: Armed robber shot, killed by customer at Family Dollar store

2019 – Jan 3: Resident shoots four people attempting to break into home

2019 – Jan 1: Man holds allegedly drunk driver at gunpoint after destructive ride

2018 – Dec 28: Armed citizen kills gun-wielding suspect during robbery

2018 – Dec 4: Woman kills escaped inmate who kicked in her door

2018 – Dec 3: Woman shoots man in self-defense during home invasion

2018 – Dec 2: Man armed with machete shot, killed outside bar

2018 – Nov 25: Woman shoots, kills boyfriend in self-defense

2018 – Nov 24: Burglar shot, killed by 74-year old woman

2018 – Oct 28: Father at McDonalds kills masked gunman who opened fire

2018 – Sep 10: Homeowner acted in self defense

2018 – Aug 11: Cabbie shoots passenger in self defense

2018 – Aug 4: Armed bystander takes down gunman at back-to-school event

2018 – July 4: Woman shoots man trying to steal car with her toddlers inside

2018 – June 1: Video shows concealed carry permit holder shoot man in self defense

2018 – May 26: Little Caesars employee shoots, kills attacker

2018 – May 24: Armed citizen kills shooter who opened fire in restaurant

2018 – May 5: 70-year old woman shoots burglar during home invasion

2018 – Apr 25: Armed woman scares off thief holding up her husband

2018 – Apr 17: Gun-toting ex-cop foils attempted home ambush

2018 – Mar 28: Homeowner shoots, kills convicted felon during home invasion

2018 – Mar 28: Michigan homeowners shoot at three home invaders

2018 – Mar 28: Oregon homeowner shoots burglary suspect in leg

2018 – Mar 23: Arkansas homeowner fatally shoots armed home intruder

2018 – Mar 12:  Homeowner shoots fugitive after attempted break-in

2018 – Mar 3: Homeowner shoots one of two armed teens attempting break-in

2018 – Feb 27:  Gun instructor stops a stabbing in an apartment building

2018 – Feb 26:  Concealed-carry permit holder uses weapon to defend against gun-carrying attempted carjacker

2018 – Feb 8:  Homeowner wounds armed home intruder; three suspects arrested

2018 – Feb 2:  Concealed-carry permit holder stops attack on Utah police officer

2018 – Jan 31:  Elderly homeowner shoots home intruder

2018 – Jan 28:  Homeowner shoots man who kicked in his front door

2018 – Jan 16:  Homeowner shoots, kills man who entered home and assaulted him

2018 – Jan 4:  Man shoots home intruder

2017 – Dec 8:  84-year old man defends himself against two home invaders

2017 – Nov. 5:  Armed citizen shoots, helps apprehend perpetrator of worst mass shooting in Texas history

2017 – Aug 6:  Elderly Florida homeowner shoots, kills home intruder

2017 – Jun. 19:  Armed homeowner and neighbors apprehend man who broke into house

2017 – May 3: Concealed-carry permit holder prevents mass murder at sports bar

2017 – May 2:  Man defends home, family from group of burglars who tried to break in; subdues three of them  (Headline mentions duct tape but not the gun…)

2017 – Mar. 27:  Homeowner’s son uses rifle to stop three burglars breaking into house

2016 – July 4:  Homeowner shoots, kills home intruder

2016 – Jun 25:  Concealed-carry permit holder stops shooter at nightclub

2016 – Jun 22: 78-year old man shoots burglar trying to break in

2016 – Mar. 15:  Homeowner shoots intruder who entered sister’s bedroom

2016 – Jan 24:  Escaping from being tied up, homeowner shoots man stealing his car

2016 – Jan. 7:  Homeowner shoots armed robbery suspect

2016 – Jan. 4:  65-year old woman with concealed-carry permit shoots man who followed her home and tried to rob her

2015 – Dec. 24:  Homeowner shoots, kills intruder

2015 – Oct 5:  Homeowner fights back, shoots three of four home invaders

2015 – Jun 4:  Homeowner shoots, kills one of two robbers attempting to break in

2015 – May 5:  Two concealed-carry permit holders stop gunman firing shots at Fire Station Children’s Day

2015 – March 22: Concealed-carry permit holder stops gunman shooting in Philadelphia barber shop

2015 – Mar 4:  Homeowner shoots home invader

2015 – Jan 6:  Pregnant mother of two shoots intruder after two break into her home

2014 – Oct 31:  Homeowner shoots man trying to break into house

2014 – Sep. 3:  Phoenix woman shoots man breaking into her house

2014 – May 12:  Homeowner shoots armed intruder during break-in

2014 – Aug 6: After begging 911 for help, homeowner shoots intruder

2013 – Jun 10: “Grandmother” defends self, wheelchair-bound husband against home intruder

2013 – Jan 4:  Mother defends self, 9-year-old twins by shooting home intruder

2012 – Sep. 9:  Concealed-carry permit holder stops gunman on rampage outside bar

2012 – July 13:  71-year old man stops armed robbery of internet cafe

2012 – June 23:  14-year old shoots armed intruder while babysitting younger siblings

2012 – March 25:  Concealed-carry permit holder stops gunman with shotgun at church

2011 – Dec 31:   Teenage mother defends self and 3-month old son by shooting home intruder with 12-inch knife

2010 – Aug 30: 69-year old widow shoots burglar breaking into her house

2009 – Dec. 5:  Woman shoots man who tries breaking in after 10 minutes of prowling

2009 – May 4:  College student stops two armed men intent on mass rape and murder at a birthday party

2007 – Dec 9:   Volunteer security worker stops would-be mass shooter at Colorado church

2006 – Jan 2:  Store clerk shoots armed would-be robber who pointed gun at fellow employee