Movies I like

(In no particular order, and certainly not exhaustive:)

Secondhand Lions (First, because it’s high on my mental list of movies!)

Hacksaw Ridge

Braveheart (best to remember it’s a dramatization, not a historical documentary)

The Patriot (ditto)

Dances with Wolves (again, ditto)

October Sky

The Jason Bourne movies

The Lord of the Rings trilogy (but NOT The Hobbit adaptations)

The Visual Bible: Matthew

Is Genesis History?

Twelve O’Clock High (best depiction of situational leadership – period)

Father Goose

Facing the Giants

The Matrix (only the first one; the sequels are best ignored)

The Kingdom of Heaven

Most of the movies by Pixar (especially Cars and The Incredibles)

Enchanted (the Musketeers’ Mom and I can agree on this one)

The Family Man (one of the few Nicholas Cage movies I like)

It’s a Wonderful Life (the great Christmas tradition!)





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