TSA Shutdown? Yes, please

Regular readers of this blog know that I absolutely loathe the Transportation Security Administration. It’s a monstrous, unconstitutional abomination that should not exist in any society that considers itself “free.” What’s more, it is demonstratively unable to meet its primary purpose: detecting and intercepting potential threats to travelers.  Perhaps the ongoing “shutdown” of the Feral Government will give Americans — and the TSA Employees themselves — a chance to rethink how ‘essential’ this function really is:.

Nobody wants to work for an employer who holds off on cutting paychecks until a more convenient moment, and that’s just what the federal government is doing during its “shutdown”—a spectacle that almost seems crafted to demonstrate how easy it is to live without the leviathan in Washington, D.C.

Understandably, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees are no more enthusiastic about working when their paychecks are delayed than is anybody else on the planet. That’s why they’ve been calling-in sick in increased numbers—some to seek temporary work elsewhere in order to pay their bills—as the more-theater-than-reality “government shutdown” drags on.

Not that there’s any point to all of that [TSA] groping beyond the purely recreational aspect. Undercover investigators were able to smuggle weapons and explosives past TSA agents 95 percent of the time, according to a 2015 Homeland Security Investigator General report. Maybe that’s because agents are relying on dowsing rods or Spidey sense—they’re certainly not depending on the expensive equipment they make travelers and baggage file through.

“Because TSA does not adequately oversee equipment maintenance, it cannot be assured that routine preventive maintenance is performed or that equipment is repaired and ready for operational use,” The Inspector General office also noted.

“Security theater” is what security expert Bruce Schneier, a lecturer at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of government, calls most of what the TSA does. They’re “measures that make us feel safer without improving security… I’ve repeatedly said that the two things that have made flying safer since 9/11 are reinforcing the cockpit doors and persuading passengers that they need to fight back. Everything beyond that isn’t worth it.”

But, isn’t this an opportunity for us all? Given that the world is a better place when TSA employees and other government minions don’t do their jobs, and some are already seeking alternative employment, what a great opportunity to shut down their agencies, shrink the government, and make everybody’s lives a little better!

If it isn’t worth it, why pay for it?

Especially when the cost is measured in civil liberty as much as it is in dollars. It’s long past time we reevaluate just how “essential” large parts of the Feral Government really are. We pay for more government than we should want, and yet get less return on those payments than we need.  As for the “shutdown,” let’s keep a little perspective:


Giving away the farm

At the rate things are going on all fronts, there will be little left–of the very little that IS left–of historic America by the end of the current administration:

* The government continues, through its policies, to ‘elect a new people,’ importing thousands annually who have no background or experience in limited, constitutional government.  This is, of course, on top of the full-on invasion of illegal immigration the government is complicit in permitting, by refusing to get serious about stopping it.

* After using taxpayer money to ‘bailout’ one of the remaining “American” automakers, the government sells its stake for a loss then arranges for foreign ownership

* The administration continues to blame current economic woes on a system–free market capitalism–that hasn’t really existed in America for a century.  Nice propaganda tactic, there…

* High-ranking officials continue to lecture other countries on their failings, all while apparatchiks here at home replicate them.

* The government insists the 4th Amendment doesn’t mean what it says, and the 2nd Amendment only applies if you’re willing to jump through whatever hoops they designate on a given day.

* Meanwhile, despite all this illegal intrusion in the name of ‘public safety,’ it’s getting notably less safe in public, as the barbarians continue vandalizing what’s left of our civilization’s ruins…

* Nannies in government claim that the social costs of certain individual choices justify controlling what you may buy and consume… but that it’s unconstitutional to require welfare recipients (who depend on the tax dollars of others) to undergo drug testing (that’s only for people earning their living).  Another example of leftist consistency…

* And while Americans were increasingly concerned at the information they gleaned amongst the weapons of mass distraction in 2013, it’s safe to say that if there’s any journalism worth the name in 2014, they haven’t seen anything yet.  One wonders what happens when everybody’s approval ratings hit zero.

Remember, though — this is an election year.  No Incumbents, Please!