Saturday Sounds

…and color, for the First World War:

I didn’t get to see this film during its brief time in theaters late last month, but look forward to seeing it on home video.  It’s amazing what adding color and sound does to make the events of a century ago “more real.”

People are buying it

…just not necessarily what the Clintons are selling.  While most of my writing on Her Hillariness for now will be at the Guilty as Hill website, I found the current (week of Aug 7) New York Times nonfiction bestseller list to be interesting:

Anti-clinton bestsellers

Three of the top four books are all aimed at Hillary.  Guess the dollars of the average American reader are going a different direction than those of the Goldman Sachs crowd.

In fact, D’Souza’s book is the tie-in to the top grossing documentary of 2016 and the #2 grossing documentary release of all time in the United States, with more than $33 million in ticket sales.  Maybe people are paying more attention than I expect.

One can hope.  Speaking of the old “hope” trope:


Pretty much sums it up for me right now.