A very taxing system

Americans for Tax Reform have put out a nice infographic about how the U.S. income tax has morphed into a monstrosity since we let the Constitution be amended in 1913 to have one.  That such a tax was one of the ten planks of Marx’s Communist Manifesto should have given Americans more pause.


I’ve said it numerous times: to stop a fire you have to take away its fuel and starve it of oxygen.  The income tax paved the way for the Leviathan our government has become.  Starving it of revenue by getting rid of the income tax would begin the process of returning to a limited government.

Remember: the nation got along just fine for 137 years without the ability to reach directly into our wallets.


Fighting hammer and tongs sickle

The lurch leftward continues for America.  Who’d have thought that, barely a quarter century after the spectacular indictment of communism represented by the fall of the Berlin Wall and implosion of the Soviet Union, that the two candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States would both be lifelong disciples of Alinsky and Marx?  Someone forgot to teach history (as opposed to propaganda) to the kids.  As a result, an ideology that should by now be thoroughly discredited is enjoying a renaissance among the young.

Sadly, the GOP has its own addiction to big government, militarism and foreign adventurism, so there’s no real alternative there, either.  Marxists to the left of me, corporatists to the right… stuck in the middle with you.