Seeing through common propaganda

Kurt Schlichter provides brief rebuttals to some of the more asinine liberal “arguments” (which he correctly refers to as “cheats”):

The Cheat: “Jesusplain Those Rubes!”

When in doubt, play the messiah card! It’s always a pleasure to have some atheist hipster explain to you how Christ was a socialist SJW who was ultra-open-minded about what bathroom people should use and who demands you give the government money so it can hand your cash over to deadbeats. I often wonder if this gambit ever works, if anyone ever thinks, “Gosh, I guess if @ImpeachTrumpHillarysHot says my Savior hates AR15s, then I better disarm myself in the face of liberal-enabled crime and liberal-supported tyranny.”

How to Beat It: You could explain the whole Christianity thing, but it’s easier to just tell the liberals to go pound sand.

((Preferably, try to explain the faith first, but whenever it becomes clear they’re only interested in twisting scripture to support their agenda, the “pound sand” option is the conclusion.  After all, even Jesus told His disciples to shake the dust off their sandals from towns that would not listen to them.  — Jemison))

The Cheat: “We are better than that!”

They like to try to weaponize our morality against us, which is hilarious since they hate morality almost as much as they hate us. They create some sort of moral test, usually out of thin air, and then announce you have failed it. One of the best was the recent “Splitting up families of undocumented workers is not who we are!” Except it is who we are. We split up the families of criminals all the time and we should – there’s no nursery in San Quentin for a reason.

What they want to do is well up those tears in your eyes so you don’t clearly see the truth – the problem is not the consequence of illegal aliens breaking into our country. The problem is the illegal aliens breaking into our country. The problem is always the misbehavior we are calling out, not the fact we are calling it out.

How to Beat It: Refuse to play this human shield game and tell the liberals to go pound sand.

Read the rest here.  It’s time to stop acting as if these “arguments” have any merit other than emotional sensationalism.


But what about the children?

I’ve noted several times before how often overbearing liberal legislation is defended by the cry “it’s for the children.”

Interesting, then, that today’s temper tantrum known as “A day without women” resulted in so many female teachers taking leave that at least three entire school districts shut down.

And that’s just in three states.  Who knows how much educational disruption is going on today?  It wouldn’t be surprising to find that those few who stay on the job used the class time for indoctrination.

Modern liberalism is the politics of expedience and power, not principle.  If it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

It’s a shame the governors of affected states won’t do as Ronald Reagan did with striking air traffic controllers.  Firing the absent teachers and replacing them might actually DO something “for the children.”

Link leftovers

A smattering of things I’ve noticed around the web in recent days:

– What would YOU do if the power went off for days… or weeks or more?  It’s a question worth seriously considering, because it seems other folks are

– The NAACP points out there’s no law, like, requiring the Massachusetts House of Representatives to expel a (liberal) member just because of a li’l thing like being convicted of sexual assault.  (But remember, it’s the conservatives who are waging a so-called “War on Women…”)

– New dictionary entry: “Hypocrite – /ˈhipəˌkrit/ – one who campaigns to infringe the Second Amendment rights of others by campaigning for a law prohibiting even legal concealed carry firearms on school grounds… and then goes and does it himself.  See also: Dwayne ‘Honest Mistake’ Ferguson”

Sexual predation in public schools — up to 100 times more common than the more well-publicized cases involving priests?

– When you haven’t had a great deal of success, I suppose sometimes any little victory is worth crowing about.  Talk about your cause going to the dogs…

– Timing is everything: the New York Times ponders “The end of snow?” — while 2/3 of the country is covered in it, and the Great Lakes are setting a record for ice cover.  Ironic how so many adherents of the religion of Nature (of which one denomination is the Church of Global Warming) are so quick to accuse Christians of ignoring evidence, isn’t it?

And finally, just for fun, a modern twist to a classic tune.  Enjoy!