A model modern president

In honor of our the current POTUS on Presidents’ Day (and with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan):

I am the very model of a modern U.S. president
I took to Twitter so the leftist media I could circumvent
And take my thoughts directly to the masses of ‘deplorables’
That swamp rats in the Beltway all just seem to think ignorable

I pushed a tax cut, put the hurt on ISIS and bureaucracy
While pointing out some cases of the other side’s hypocrisy
They claim to put the people first but when it comes to policy
It’s clear they have no interest in protection of our sovereignty

On immigration, free trade and security they’re ludicrous
By putting “Dreamers,” China and the UN all ahead of us
It’s time we put our country first and Make America Great Again
Instead of thinking patriotism is something we should disdain

If Congress helps I’ll build the Wall and keep out would-be terrorists
While preventing uninvited guests from stealing our inheritance
It’s sad to think our leaders ever let our country reach this state
Establishment priorities are simply just inadequate

I may be crass and boastful but I’m willing to put up a fight
Despite the fake news, FBI and other forms of hateful spite
I’m doing what I said I would, on that there is no argument
I am the very model of a modern U.S. president

Saturday Sounds Star Wars

Star Wars turned 40 this week.  Recently, I found this masterpiece: the entire “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” reimagined as Star Wars music.  Not just one song — no, the entire album.  Embedded below is the first track.  You owe it to yourself to check the others out… particularly “Luke is in the Desert and Whining.”  Makes much more sense than Lucy and her diamonds.  Enjoy!

King-sized ego

The President’s critics (including me) frequently accuse him of acting more like a monarch than an executive charged with ‘faithfully executing the laws.’

So naturally, the ‘most transparent administration ever’ (sic) decides to have a little fun with the official White House Twitter account:


It’s one thing when the president’s acolytes openly wish he could rule by fiat.  It’s quite another when such fantasies are conveyed by official statements and gestures.  And considering the nihilistic, God-less nature of the whole ‘Game of Thrones’ world, what does it say that POTUS is role-playing ‘top of the heap’ with that motif?

Yes, I realize they’ll say it was a light-hearted jest.  It’s more of a taunt, particularly given all the scandals bulging under the rugs.  And it’s not funny.

Not even close.