Information overload

It’s good that there’s so much discussion of “fake news,” but the problem is that the discussion isn’t focusing on the problem: a lack of discernment and desire to find truth.  Partisans of every stripe grasp onto every little rumor, leaping to conclusions as recklessly as one would leap over the Grand Canyon.  Meanwhile, there isn’t a single major news outlet that hasn’t sold its political soul to one faction or another.  We’ve developed two hermetically sealed echo chambers in this country and neither has the pursuit of truth as its top priority.  We’re told (incorrectly) the First Amendment has exceptions to defend people from being “uncomfortable” or “triggered.”  This is merely suppression of opposing ideas.  I’m concerned this is the first step in our cultural cold war becoming a hot one.  People are no longer “of a different opinion;” rather, they’re evil opponents.  Hostility is projected, received and internalized.  With all the careless talk about impeachment, or obstruction of Trump’s initiatives (which still have a sizable backing in the nation’s heartland), the ability of our political processes to address the issues is coming apart.

What happens after that step is likely going to be very ugly.  What are you doing to prepare?



No longer playing the game

U.S. News and World Report notes that Americans are abandoning the bi-factional ruling party:

The latest Gallup Poll finds that loyalty to the Democrats and Republicans is at or near historic lows. In 2015, for the fifth straight year, “at least four in 10 U.S. adults identified as political independents,” a Gallup spokesman said. Forty-two percent said they were independent last year; 43 percent listed themselves that way in 2014, reflecting little change.

Considering the Republicrats long ago abandoned Americans, it seems only right we should return the favor.  The linked report posits this exodus is due to ‘frustration with government gridlock.’  I think that’s highly disingenuous.  The Federal Government, for all the talk of a ‘lack of bipartisanship,’ has still managed in recent years to:

  • Bail out the so-called “too big to fail” financial institutions at taxpayer expense
  • Ram through Obamacare
  • Continue to increase the number of “guest workers” brought in to take American jobs
  • Kabuki dance instead of securing the border

ALL of which runs contrary to how America polls on these issues.  Far from being a “gridlocked, do-nothing” Federal government, the District of Corruption is actively working against the interests and expressed wishes of the average American.

You can only shaft the people for so long while pretending to listen to them, before they figure out the game and refuse to play it anymore.  This is exactly what’s happening in Europe right now, where authorities respond to mass sexual assaults by recent asylum seekers Islamic invaders with misdirection and cover-ups, but quickly advocate prosecution of leaders who point out these failures.  Europe’s elites have made it clear they care more about appeasing the floodtide of aliens whose arrival they’ve encouraged than they do the welfare of their own citizens — and they are only beginning to reap the backlash.

Somehow, I don’t think America will be the usual 20 years behind Europe on this particular trendline.

I stopped identifying as Republican a decade ago, because that brand means nothing anymore.  I am a Christian, a Constitutionalist and an American traditionalist.  The powers that be (on both sides of the aisle) not only no longer respect those identities and ideas, they are actively hostile to them.

I am not, however, alone.  So I’ll close with the recent words of the Instapundit — words our self-appointed ‘elites’ best pay heed to, and soon:

Looking for the exits? Hardly. I’m not trapped in here with you, enemies of western civilization. You’re trapped in here with me. And a lot of people like me, whose patience has come close to an end.

Admitting the Republic is dead

UPDATE: I’m not the only one who had this reaction, apparently.


Still think electing Republicans is the answer to the nation’s ills?

Washington Republicans on Sunday restated their argument that President Obama has violated the Constitution by using executive orders to alter the Affordable Care Act, but acknowledged they likely have no recourse or ability to stop another incident. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, told “Fox News Sunday” that congressional Republicans think the president abused the government’s separation of powers by using the executive orders to sidestep Congress and delay the law’s employer mandate. However, he said critics would have a tough time winning in court because Congress lacks the so-called “legal standing” to present the case and they would have a “tough time” finding somebody hurt enough by the delays to be a good plaintiff.

Garbage.  It’s not just about the so-called ‘Affordable’ Care Act.  The pattern of this president is to act only on laws he likes — this should be sufficient to remove him from office for failure to ‘faithfully execute the laws.’  The president’s supporters like to point out he has issued fewer executive orders than, say, Carter or Reagan.  But those presidents’ orders were not of a nature to overturn or override properly passed legislation from Congress.  Executive orders are meant to position that branch to carry out the laws passed by Congress.  For all of Obama’s tantrums that the Affordable Care Act is “the law of the land, deal with it,” he hasn’t hesitated to amend or forego any part of the ACA that has proven inconvenient.  And kicking most of the mandates down the road to 2016?  Nah, that couldn’t be politically motivated, could it? This is a fatal violation of the separation of powers.

That Congress is unwilling to do more than mildly complain provides conclusive proof we no longer operate under the Constitution.  This doesn’t require being slow-rolled by the judiciary.  Congress is given the power to remove the executive for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’  If claiming the power to shape the law to his personal liking doesn’t fall into that category, I don’t know what does!  We are supposed to be governed by Congress — the representation of the people — whose laws are administered — not created — by the Executive.  This ‘well, what can you do?’ attitude from Congress places the nation under the reign of the executive.  I hate to say it, but one of the main reasons Republicans aren’t doing more to call the administration to account is that they can’t wait until it’s “their turn” to exercise similar boundless power. …Which just means they are no more worthy of office than the president they like to flap their toothless gums about.

NO INCUMBENTS, PLEASE for 2014/2016.  Bonus: elect only those willing to vote for impeachment of the President for failure to carry out his Constitutional duties.  The fact that includes (among many other examples) failing to enforce the ACA — his ‘signature legislation’ — as written just makes it all the more ironic.  He wanted it… he just didn’t like what it did to his popularity once he got it!