Saturday Sounds

Haven’t had a timelapse piece in a while.  Enjoy!


Saturday Sounds

Since this song is said to have been inspired by Iran’s 1979 ban of rock music, it seems appropriate to play today as Iranians protest their government in large numbers.  May they rock the Casbah until the mullahs fall.  Obama didn’t do these dissidents any favors in 2009.

But he’s not president anymore


Saturday Sounds

It seems these days every new news cycle brings up another scandal, real or imagined. As Christians, we know this world is evil but it’s still disheartening to see so many rocks kicked over in so many high places, revealing the corruption beneath.  It’s a useful reminder, though.  Our hope is not found in any politician (of any party), nor in pundits or those whose fame and fortune are celebrated by society.

In Christ alone, our hope is found.

Saturday Sunday Sounds

In anticipation of Tuesday’s quincentenary of the Protestant Reformation, my favorite modern take on one of Martin Luther’s most beloved hymns:

The one thing to remember about this hymn is that it is diminished by the modern practice of only singing selected verses. If one only sings the first verse, it ends on a note of despair — a dilemma that is only solved by the second verse!